10 Interesting Must Have Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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interesting bridesmaid gifts

Between dress shopping, planning the bridal shower and helping you have a fun at your Bachelorette party, bridesmaids have a lot of responsibilities. Show your appreciation for the girls who mean the most to you, by choosing a sentimental bridesmaid gift to give the girls before the special day.

Spending time to select the perfect bridesmaid gift should be an important part of your wedding planning as often, bridesmaids dedicate a generous amount of time, money, and energy into helping the bride during the engagement stage. Instead of one-time gifts, such as a shirt with the word ‘bridesmaid’ heated on or a souvenir engraved champagne class, a meaningful yet multi-use bridesmaid gift can be a lasting keepsake and symbol of your friendship and appreciation.

Here are 10 bridesmaid gift ideas that can be a token of your friendship and can last beyond your special day.

1. All-Occasion Notecard Set $18.99




2. You Don’t Know Jackalope Cotton Ball Container $24.99



3. Midday Primp Makeup Bag $13.99




4. The Jane Austen Handbook $16.99




5. Spirited Cheers Flask $29.99



6. Mermaid Bottle Opener $12.99



7. Trunks Full of Taste $12.99



8. The Still of the Nightlight $12.99



9. Casserole of a Lifetime Apron $34.99




10. Culinary Pursuits Placement Set $34.99



Thoughtful Tips:

#1.  Send a personal card to each of your bridesmaids in addition to their bridesmaid gifts to tie in how the unique gift represents your friendship. The trivial pursuit placemat sets can be a great ‘thank you’ for all of the dinners you and your friends shared together, and how you look forward to many more shared meals to come or the all-occassions notecard set, symbolizing all of the great celebrations to come. By doing so, your bridesmaid gifts will be symbolic, memorable, and most importantly, usable on more than just your special day.

#2. Consider creating a gift bag of sorts of a few unique bridesmaid gifts and placing them in a cute reusable tote to make for easy carrying after the wedding.

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