15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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Has your best friend been a maid of honor before? Is she getting married soon? Then you should be on the lookout for some awesome bridesmaid gift ideas to give her.

We all know, the friends we ask to stand beside us on our big day are our favorite ladies. Sometimes finding the right gift to say thank you is challenging, as you search for something as special as them.

Jewelry is almost always a perfect way to say thank you, but there are so many other fun ideas.

Keepsakes are nice, but so are practical items that can be used regularly like personalized stationary, robes, cosmetic bags, etc.

My favorite place for great bridesmaid gifts is from Etsy. Don’t forget to add handwritten or printable thank you tags for an extra special touch.

Why do Brides give their Bridesmaids gifts?

It’s tradition for brides to give their bridesmaids gifts. But why?

It’s more than just a nice gesture, it has practical uses and is an opportunity to show your appreciation for the people in your life who support you.

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And let’s be honest, what bride doesn’t want her friends to have that gorgeous new dress they’ve been eyeing up on their wedding day because that way she can steal all the photos from them!

Help, I want something REALLY unique and personal!

A lot of the gifts we’ve listed here are fun and creative ideas that you could be giving to your friends who have been there for you through thick and thin on this crazy journey called life.

If none of these sound like something they would enjoy or want, then don’t fret – we can still help you find that perfect bridesmaid gift. Er…actually MAKE one!

All you need is an idea, some photos and our DIY Memory Box tutorial to make a truly one of a kind personalized gift that will be sure to make her (or him) smile!

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Everything Bride Etsy

We love that this decorated hair comb can be reworn for lots of occasions – from Holiday parties to nice dinners out on the town.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Waterpath Etsy

Clutches are great gifts and you can go with a color scheme or choose a different pattern and design for each bridesmaid. Add a name or monogram to make it even more personal.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source GaleazGlass Etsy

They’ll think of you every time they store their jewelry in this beautiful stained glass jewelry box.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source FelixStreet Studio Etsy

How cool would it be to give each bridesmaid a pair of custom shoes?

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Figgie Shoes
Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Fancy Wire Hangers

Jewelry rolls for travel are a thoughtful gift that are perfect for destination weddings where travel is involved.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source ShadowValley Bags

Spa gift cards or treatments are always a nice gift. Have some fun and put together a spa bag with goodies like this organic sugar scrub.

I love this keepsake silver spoon bracelet!

15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source SilverSpoon Creations

The custom monogrammed rhinestone compact is gorgeous and affordable at under $20.

15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source SaharaAmaya Etsy
15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Shop Memento Etsy

Does your wedding have a vintage feel? Give each bridesmaid a vintage inspired ring, necklace or earrings.

15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source Gingeroni1

I love the idea of giving a Christmas related gift like a custom ornament for bridesmaids in Christmas weddings.

15 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Photo Source thebrickkiln Etsy

Flasks aren’t just for the guys. Check out these girly designs!

So, tell me, what was your favorite gift received as a bridesmaid?

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