Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about fun crafts for the kids! This paper bag turkey craft is perfect for little ones. They can help make the turkey, and then you can use it as part of the Thanksgiving table centerpiece or home decoration for the big day. Your kids will be so proud to have their creation on display!

This is a simple and easy project that even young children can do. All you need is our free paper bag turkey craft pattern template (link below in the supplies section!), a paper lunch bag, card stock paper, colored construction paper (or crayons/markers to color in your own), glue, and scissors.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft pin -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

We will show you how to make this adorable paper bag turkey in just a few simple steps. So let’s get started.

What kind of paper bag should I use?

The paper bag turkey craft is designed to be made with a paper lunch bag. But OH MY GOSH there are so many different sizes, right?

You might be tempted to get the speciality craft bags and small party favor bags, which is totally fine if those suit your needs, but I created this turkey paper bag puppet craft to be budget friendly.

The most common sizes of brown paper lunch bags available at the grocery store are:

I buy mine from Target for $1.99 (links above). I’ve tried finding some on Amazon, but they are crazy expensive at $15+!

Can I make this really big?

Yes, you can make this any size you want! The downloadable patterns are specifically made for the two sizes I mentioned above, but you can print them larger or smaller to match the bag size you have.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Pieces -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

If you want to go really big and have fun with it, try using a paper grocery bag! When you’re finished, you can open it a little on the bottom and maybe place it over something so it can stand on the floor. Maybe to greet your guests as they come in for dinner?

What kind of paper should I use?

We recommend using white card stock paper. I use this 110lb bright white for all my projects. Use this to print out pattern pieces and then trace them onto colored construction paper or colored card stock paper. Be sure to keep the pattern pieces in an envelope or zip lock for next year!

If you don’t have colored paper, or want to make this craft last longer to occupy the kids a bit more – have them grab some crayons, markers or paints and color in the pattern pieces themselves!

If you don’t have any colored paper and don’t want to color this in yourself, I’ve also included the pattern pieces in full color so you can use your color printer’s ink instead.

Can I use my electronic craft cutting machine?

You sure can! As much as I hate to admit it, my hands are getting old and tend to get sore from all the typing, sewing and crafting I do so anything that helps avoid that pain is a win for me.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Cricut SVG File -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Plus, using my Cricut Maker 3 gives me perfectly cut pieces every time directly on colored card stock, without having to waste ink or white card stock paper.

While the printable PDF pattern of this craft is totally free to download, I do ask for a small fee for the SVG cut file. You can purchase and download the Turkey SVG Cut File here. (Thanks so much – I appreciate your support!)

Do you have a video tutorial?

I sure do! You can watch our craft-along video on my YouTube channel here.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Ok so now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s make this turkey.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Final -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Supplies needed

✔ My free Paper Bag Turkey Craft pattern template

✔ Size 5″ wide or 6″ wide brown paper lunch bag

✔ Printer and white card stock paper


Glue stick

✿ Optional: Color card stock (this is what I used)

✿ Optional: Color construction paper (is a bit flimsier and wouldn’t recommend for the feathers)

✿ Optional: SVG cut file


*You’ll need to start off by deciding which PDF pattern to print. Please note that there are 2 PDFs in the download.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Two PDFs -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

The 6 page PDF is for the larger 6″ wide lunch bag and the 4 page PDF pattern fits the smaller 5″ wide lunch bag.

Step 1

Print, trace, cut, color, whatever you need to do to get your turkey pattern pieces together.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft in process -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Remember to print/cut 2 eyes and 7 sets of feather shapes. (The patterns only have one of each of these)

Step 2

Let’s assemble the feathers by layering the 3 sizes and attaching them together with glue. Make 7 feathers.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft in process -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Step 3

Next, glue the feathers onto the bottom flap of your bag. You’ll want to arrange them in a fan shape.

*TIP: To get nice, equal spacing, place the middle feather straight up from the top first, then place the left and right straight out. Then glue two feathers in each of the spaces. Easy!

Step 4

Let’s glue the head onto the flap over the feathers next.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft in process -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Step 5

Now glue the chest feathers on top of the body piece and then the legs just underneath. Glue your completed body onto the main long section of the bag.

Make sure you slide it a little under the head flap.

Step 6

We’re almost done! Let’s add the snood to the head first. Have it off center a little bit and let some of it hang over the end of the bottom.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft in process -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

Then add the beak and the eyes.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft in process -  - Free Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids

You’re all finished! How easy was that. I hope you enjoyed this paper bag turkey craft tutorial. If you did, please share it with your friends or PIN it for later. Thanks!

Happy Crafting!

XO, Jeana 

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