Creative Small Business Marketing Ideas

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Are you looking for some unique ways to create brand awareness for your small business?

We’re talking about advertising strategies that will leave a mark on potential customers and help your business stand out from all the rest.

Here are a few creative small business marketing ideas to take into consideration.

Outdoor Advertising

This marketing technique is picking up a lot of steam, and for good reason: It has been found to be very effective.

As it turns out, we tend to remember outdoor advertisements — especially those we see while driving on the highway. 

From billboards and bulletins to rideshare and taxi advertising, public places are a great way to reach people in your local area.

small business marketing ideas

This can be an especially good marketing strategy if you have a small business with a physical storefront.  

Be sure your message is short and sweet as your target audience doesn’t have time to read volumes of text. Your phone number, address or website should feature prominently.

Consider a clever catchphrase that people will remember and instantly associate with your brand.


People generally love free things. Doing a giveaway can help draw attention to your business  —  and there are so many ways to do them.

For example, you might consider giving away a gift card once your social media accounts hit a certain number of “likes.”

You might also consider doing a raffle with prizes or a sweepstakes with discounts and freebies. 

Another option is to give people something for free if they subscribe to your newsletter or social media accounts.

This obviously can’t be anything too extravagant or it won’t be financially feasible.

Consider writing an ebook or even a white paper on a subject you are an expert at and that your audience will find valuable.

If you aren’t a writer by trade, you can hire someone to produce the content for you.

While you can give away in-store credit or gift cards to your own business, giving away products from another company people recognize can also help draw attention. 


There’s nothing like a business that genuinely tries to connect with its target audience and customers.

Forbes reports that the company Infobrandz tried personalized sales videos for targeted audiences. The company saw 20 times more revenue than cold emailing alone. 

small business marketing ideas

Another option is to try personalizing the customer experience whenever possible.

Consider creating a message to new customers thanking them for their business to keep them coming back for more. 

Attend Events

Consider attending events that appeal to your target audience. As Business Insider points out, this is what companies did before social media came around.

These events are still out there; it’s just a matter of figuring out which ones can help you find potential customers.

The type of events you’ll want to attend depends on your business. Be sure to research conventions that might appeal to your audience.

The more niche-specific you get, the more likely you are to find your ideal customers.

Consider attending small-scale local events to help get the word out about your business, too.

If you have a restaurant or food truck, for example, consider attending local food festivals. 


Podcasts have grown in popularity recently. This is a whole new market you can potentially tap into if you play your cards right. 

Consider reaching out to podcasts that are relevant to your industry.


Ask about any opportunities to get featured on the podcast, whether that means guest-hosting or taking part in the podcast yourself or getting a shoutout about your business from the host.

Another option is to consider investing in podcast advertisements or why not just start your own podcast? Head over to Wiredclip for great tips and a guide on how to start your own.

These are just a few creative business marketing ideas to try for your small or large business.

Even though traditional advertising strategies can be effective, thinking outside the box can help your business stand out and attract potential customers.