Someone Finally Gave the OtterBox a Stylish Makeover

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A big thank you to Bubblegum Basics for providing a stylish OtterBox Commuter Case for review purposes. All opinions are my own, as always.


As you may have noticed I’m notoriously hard on my phone. I can’t help it, my phone is practically glued to my hand – much to the annoyance of my husband. Like most iPhone owners, I use it extensively for work AND play. Being new to the world of expensive phones and protective cases I did a little research. It was immediately evident that OtterBox arguably the best of the best in terms of protection. However, they couldn’t exactly be called stylish. That was two years ago. I’m still a loyal OtterBox customer and while they have come a long way in terms of color and style I still can’t really call them stylish.

And then Bubblegum Basics contacted me about reviewing one of their products and I was instantly in love. They offered Custom OtterBox Cases!  Honestly, the hardest decision I had to make was choosing which of the many cases I wanted. They were all completely customizable including many colors and text options. The design is printed on the BACK of the case – this is NOT a sticker or skin. I ended up going with a Commuter Series Otterbox because I’m a fan of it’s slimmer design. The cases offer two-piece construction that includes a durable silicone mid layer and a one-piece custom-molded polycarbonate shell. In a word it’s “tough.” I even feel comfortable letting my toddler play on the phone and she has been known to inflict some damage.


When the case arrived I wasn’t disappointed. It’s stylish, goes well with my favorite purse and yet still offers the reliable Otter Box protection. Finally, a stylish OtterBox case. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting it Monogrammed with the initial of my last name. Now my sisters have been trying to talk me into giving them the case! Next time I’ll definitely use my first initial.

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