3 Yummy Banana “Ice Cream” Sundae Recipes For #SundaeSundays

Banana Ice Cream Sundaes

After a long few months apart, followed by another month of chaos, we finally settled into our new home and the last few weekends have been spent in bliss. On Friday nights, we catch up on the DVR and on Saturday’s, we barbecue with friends. But Sunday’s have become my favorite day of the week, filled with lazy mornings spilling over into relaxing afternoons reading in our pajamas or lounging at the pool, followed by dinner and dessert with my two favorite people. Dessert isn’t routine at our house. It’s an indulgence that is saved the for weekend and thanks to our current 80 degree days, that dessert usually involves something frozen and refreshing, #SundaeSundays!

One of my daughter’s absolute favorite treats are Banana “Ice Cream” Sundaes. They’re a great lactose free alternative, super easy to make and everyone can customize their own. I’ve shared three of my favorite recipes below.  

Banana Ice Cream Sundaes 3

The Banana “Ice Cream” Base

Each of these Banana “Ice Cream” Sundae Recipes starts with a banana base. You will need 1 ripe banana, chopped up and placed in a freezer bag. Freeze for at least four hours, but over night is better. It’s super important the banana is totally frozen or your ice cream will become soupy and it will need to refreeze. Once your banana is frozen, throw it in the food processor. You will want to manually pulse the processor until the banana goes through the following phases:

      Crumbly, as it falls apart.
      Gooey, as the banana starts to reform.
      Gooey with flakes of banana (you’re almost done!)
      Creamy! Finally, after it all smoothes out it takes on an ice cream consistency.
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    Banana Ice Cream Sundaes 1

    Very Berry Sundae

    Banana “Ice Cream” Base 
    1 tsp Hershey’s Syrup in Strawberry Flavor 
    Whole Blueberries and Strawberries


    Make your Banana “Ice Cream” Base according to the directions but when it reaches “Gooey with Flakes” phase, add 1 tsp of Hershey’s Syrup in Strawberry Flavor. Top with blueberries and strawberries. 


    Strawberry Ice Cream with Sprinkles

    Banana “Ice Cream” Base 
    1 Tsp Hershey’s Syrup in Strawberry Flavor 
    Sprinkles To Taste 


    Make your Banana “Ice Cream” Base according to the directions, but when it reaches “Gooey with Flakes” add 1 tsp of Hershey’s Syrup in Strawberry Flavor. Top with sprinkles. 

    Banana Ice Cream Sundaes 2

    Caramel and Sea Salt Sundae

    Banana “Ice Cream” Base 
    1 tsp Hershey’s Syrup in Caramel Flavor
    Coarse Sea Salt


    Make your Banana “Ice Cream” Base according to the directions, but when it reaches “Gooey with Flakes” add 1 tsp of Hershey’s Syrup in Caramel Flavor. When finished, drizzle with Caramel and sprinkle with Sea Salt. 

    Tip: For added decadence, layer another drizzle of Hershey’s Syrup in Dark Chocolate flavor.

    Making the custom sundaes are super easy with Hershey’s Syrup, especially since it comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, special dark chocolate, strawberry and caramel. Feel free to get creative with your #HersheysSummer recipes. You can also find more recipes (and crafts too!) at the Celebrate with Hershey’s website.

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    Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by The Hershey Company via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of The Hershey Company or Momtrends.

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