Create a Home of Hospitality with Your Wedding Registry

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When I got married, the role of family hosting was passed on to me, and I was thrilled to be carrying on the holiday traditions. From summer to winter, my family is constantly gathering for birthdays, holidays, sunny afternoons, and BBQs. By taking on the role of “entertainer”, I get to host some of the most important and memorable moments in the history of my family. It is in my home that my family members gather to share so much joy and love. With each holiday and event that goes by, I feel as if I am a part of the ancestral cycle that binds past and present. I get to carry the flame of my family forward into the future.

If you are planning a wedding, your registry is more than just the items you need around the house. Those items will be a part of your home where you invite family and friends for hospitality. In your house is where you will make memories and create a life with your spouse. Register for items that will help you carry forth your family’s traditions and maybe even make some new ones. It is easy to think of the bare necessities, but try to think beyond the ordinary. Find those unique items that will allow you to create memories that you will never forget. Unlike a few traditional wedding registry stores, Best Buy has a wide variety of items to make a modern bride’s house a home and memories for generations to come.

Consider some of these traditional and not-so traditional items for your own registry.

 Kitchen Appliances

  • A Kitchen Mixer is a classic must. You’ll be able to whip up anything from chocolate Birthday cakes to delicious mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. 
  • An Espresso Maker is a great idea for those wonderfully lazy Sunday mornings. Enjoy a hot cup over brunch with your sweetie or serve it up after a meal. Following a holiday meal, my family will spend hours reminiscing over a good cup of espresso.
  • Add a little flavor to your registry with the Cotton Candy Maker! It will be a sweet treat for a weekend BBQ or serve it up during the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  • Always be prepared with a chilled glass of wine. You never know when the neighbors might drop by or your sister will swing over for a gossip session (mine does once a week). Keep your favorite wine and champagnes chilled in a compact Wine Cooler, and you’ll always be ready for an impromptu celebration.
  • Pots and Pans are a definite, especially if you love to cook. Get a great set that will aide you in all of your culinary endeavors. You can create those incredible meals that your family will gather around at each holiday and that legendary gravy that your family will talk about for years to come.

And…Don’t forget about the fun stuff!


  • Register for a Projector and Projector Screen, and you can host movie night for the whole family, or screen old family movies.
  • No movie night would be complete without popcorn. Get your very own Popcorn Maker.
  • Don’t forget the music! Register for a Home Theatre System and fill your home with the sounds of the season, dance the night away in those hot summer evenings or host a dance off. My nieces come over once a month to face off in a battle of the best moves.  
  • Capture all of the great moments with a new Camera or Camcorder, and share the memories for years to come.

The experiences you have as a married couple are what shape your relationship. Make sure your registry reflects the experiences you want to cultivate. Best Buy has what you need to create a life together and the means to make memories last forever.

*As you make your registry, remember that Best Buy also allows Group Gifting. You can register for the items that you want and your guests can buy it for you together without breaking the bank.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

21 thoughts on “Create a Home of Hospitality with Your Wedding Registry”

  1. These are great tips and great stuff! That cotton candy maker is really cute! The group gifting is also such a cool option!

  2. Isn’t this great? As much as I thought I’ve figured out how I should plan out all material things that I should have in possession once I get to this stage, I still feel naked. Your post helped me out a lot especially in the entertainment section!

  3. I think Best Buy would be an awesome place to set up a bridal registry. They’ve got a ton of great things to start off together.

  4. These are great ideas for a wedding registry! Pots and pans, a blender and a coffee brewer are must haves for a newly married couple and that they will appreciate!

  5. The slow cooker is definitely a must have on the wedding registry. It works out great when cooking for parties or even everyday dinner when it’s too hot outside to have the oven on.

  6. You definitely have some great ideas. If I were ever to get married I would do practical and some more fun things on the list.

  7. the fun stuffs is a must! we love karaoke and dancing during meetup with friends and relatives. I’m not the best cook so we always just do and bring pot luck instead

  8. Great idea to register at Best Buy – I guess I never would have thought of that. But great idea, to receive some big ticket costs items for gifts.

  9. Hosting a party is such a tedious task, it’s a lot easier when you have all the things that you need. Putting them in the registry is a great idea, you get to save on the appliances and kitchen gadgets!

  10. There are so many fun gadgets to add to your registry these days. I love the wine cooler and the cotton candy maker.

  11. These are some really great ideas for what to register for when getting married. We just got a popcorn maker and it is a big hit with our kids and friends during movie nights.

  12. I love the group gifting idea. They didn’t have all of these cool registries and plans when I got married. It was still pick china, crystal and silver if you can believe it!

  13. Now that’s some gifts. I’ve got a few of those items already but would LOVE the popcorn maker for my son and the camera for myself…but hey, I’m already married!!!

  14. I love the group gifting capability! What a terrific way for a bunch of people to chip in on something that would be too expensive otherwise.

  15. If I made a registry now I would include a projector and screen. We do movies in the backyard all the time during the summer.

  16. I love the way you are thinking! This makes me feel better about investing in some quality entertainment items. Knowing it can be enjoyed by the extended Family and friends makes the cost seem more worth it!


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