Design Inspiration from Chip and Joanna Gaines

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Sometimes we all need a little professional help…When it comes to remodeling your home or even just a room, it can be beneficial to take your inspiration from the pros. HGTV has just the professionals you need to turn a nightmare into a miracle. Joanna and Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper perform some of the most amazing remodel work, and Joanna’s Magnolia business is truly a one of a kind, all encompassing creation that showcases her many talents. If you are in desperate need of a home makeover, here is some great inspiration from the designs of Joann and Chip to make your oasis a little cozier.

Mix Modern with Reclaimed

Source HGTV

Combining antique pieces with modern elements is completely do-able. Incorporating a simple old fashioned table can easily be paired with updated designs. You can cover your existing dining chairs with clean, elegant slipcovers to give the area a more formal feel that works well with the reclaimed table.  


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Add interesting artwork to your home. Take local or even state maps and create a fun focal point in your home. It provides a more connected sense of home and location while making an nice visual display. Play with the frames and think beyond the same old hammer and hang formula.

Unique Storage

Source HGTV

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount on storage space in your home. There are plenty of basic storage shelves that can look great and serve a functional purpose like these open shelving units. A little spray paint and dressing up can make all the difference. Consider all your shelving options before settling.

Use an Awkward Space

Source HGTV

Do you have a small nook or an undecorated wall you just can’t seem to figure out what to do with? Take advantage of that random space and make a cozy seating area. This setup takes advantage of what might seem like wasted area and turns it into a space all its own.

Keep it Open

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Sometimes it is difficult to decorate when a space is completely open. Take a cue from this design and create boundary lines with decor while still leaving the room spacious and open. You don’t have to wall off areas to make them separate rooms.  

Think Outside Drywall

Source HGTV

Let’s face it, drywall can be boring, but we don’t often think of using different kinds of wall covering. This fun wood wall adds unique design element to the room giving it a rustic feel. You can purchase tiles that look like wood that are easily applied to walls to give it dimension. Even tiles on their own or textured wallpaper can add fun to a room.   

Have Fun With It

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Don’t think that you have to stay loyal to one theme. Gently blend a variety of elements together in one room to make it completely your own. Fun and funky items combined with vibrant colors can pull a room together and allow it to reflect your own personal style.  

Don’t Underestimate Wood

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Wood has a way of giving a room a nice warm tone. Play with wood as an accent. You can use it for pretty much everything, and just a few pieces can really give a space a completely different feel. By adding it to a room that needs a breath of fresh air, it can change the whole look.

Incorporate Everyday Items

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Stop searching at the big box stores for the perfect home accents. Try looking in your garage or attic for pieces that you may have never even thought to use as art. From old Atlases to antique window frames, you can create amazing displays that no one else will have.  

Keep it Simple

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Filling a space, especially a small space, with artwork and items can make it feel cramped. Sometimes the best way to decorate is to keep it simple. This beautiful bathroom design with plain open shelving makes it feel bigger with its clean lines.

Go Floral

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Don’t be scared of floral. It doesn’t have to mean hyper-feminine and overpowering. There are some amazing pieces that can make a room feel fresh and breezy without suffocating it with pastel colors.

Take it Outside

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Create an amazing outside space on your patio or on that sun deck that is filled with boxes or random items you don’t know what to do with. Making a nice seating area or a place to entertain can give you more space and great views for a relaxing evening.  

Make a Statement

Source HGTV

If you aren’t sure about a strong color or you can’t quite decide how to decorate, pick one statement piece that you love and let it guide you to build the room around it. This amazing headboard speaks for itself and makes it easier to add simple elements to complete the room. 


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  1. Oh my goodness. How I wish my house was that organized! I guess the only time I can achieve that is when all my kids are done with college and start their own lives. We plan on downsizing so I guess the suggestion of keeping it open would work for us. I love the vintage TV set in one of the pictures!

  2. I love them! Joanna has amazing taste. I love her alternatives to drywall as well as her amazing vintage/ flee finds that complement modern aesthetics


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