What Was The First Disney Movie Your Child Watched?

Disney Family Movies
Maddilyn’s love affair with movies began with the vivacious princess in Tangled. It was the first full length feature to ever hold her complete attention. Not only did she want to watch it over and over again. She learned the songs to sing along and requested to be Rapunzel for Halloween. It became part of our morning routine to pop in a movie – more often than not it was Tangled – to watch over breakfast.

It wasn’t long after that I was finally ready to make our first trip to the theater. Despite her affinity for movies at home I had some anxiety over the theater experience. Would she sit throughout the entire film? Would she talk to much, become antsy or decide she was done half way through? We ended up going to Disney’s epic adventure, Brave. I worried for nothing because although a few typical toddler questions (you know the What, Why and How) and peels of laughter could be heard intermittently, the movie captured her attention from the beginning to end. Now the day when Tangled played on repeat are long gone. These days she informs her dad of movie theater dates, drags her parents to Disney on Ice and her movie collection is full of favorites like Mulan, Brave, Tangled, Pocahontas, the Toy Story collection, Tinkerbell, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and countless other titles. She would probably be pleased as punch if we had Disney Family Movies.

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202 thoughts on “What Was The First Disney Movie Your Child Watched?”

  1. No kids, but my first Disney movie was Lady and the Tramp, and I loved it so much, my parents painted a mural of it in my bedroom.

  2. With my son, it was Toy Story… if you could have burned a hole in my CD from him watching it over and over, it would have happened!

  3. My daughters first favorite Disney Movie was Lady & the Tramp. Long ago, for now she is grown but a true classic still enjoyed. I kept all those great movies & still enjoy them with my grandson. And he loves Fox & The Hound which we watch often :) Thanks!

  4. When you asked the question what was your first Disney movie??? Ok this is showing my age but my first movie at the drive in was The Rescurers. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid and I was tickled pink the first time my daughter asked to watch it, now she loves it just as much as I do. Her first theater movie was Tangled and my other daughters was Monsters University. I am so super excited for Finding Dory to come to the theaters!!!

  5. The first movie my son watched was Cars :) The first one that both of my kids saw in a theater was Monsters University.

  6. It depends on the child, since I’m the mother of 5, grandmother of 9, and as of yesterday, great-grandmother of 2.

    But the one I remember most — because the love is still going on — is the 8 year old grandson I babysit and homeschool, and the movie The Lion King.

    I can tell you my own first Disney movie love though, it was Bambi. I watched it again with my grandson recently and was shocked to recognize the socio-political message it carried, I missed that when I was 7. LOL

  7. We showed my son Adrian Jr. Finding Nemo for his first Disney movie. We had the privilege of watching it a million times more after that! I miss those days :)

  8. We would be going way back for my child’s first Disney movie–why don’t we work on a grandchild? I think his first one was Cars.


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