Disney Good Vs Evil Beauty Collection

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Being a woman myself I know first hand just how hard we can be to shop for – and if I didn’t have the wherewithal to recognize that, my husband’s many, many reminders each holiday season would have let me know. I run into the same problem when I’m shopping for my sisters and nieces as well. We can all be fairly particular about our likes and dislikes.

Although no one would ever tell me so, I would hate to give a gift that wasn’t loved – which can make holiday shopping a little stressful, which is why one of my favorite gifts to give are beauty products. As busy women, young and old, we all love to spend a little time pampering ourselves. This year I found a hot holiday item for not just the Disney fangirls on my gift list, but something almost anyone could appreciate.  

Disney Villian Cosmetics

Disney’s new line of Good vs Evil Cosmetics allow women to channel their inner Disney Princess (or villain!) with a beauty product collection that embodies the characteristics, stories and personalities of Disney’s beloved heroine, Aurora, and villain, Maleficent. The collection includes look books, eyelashes, nail art and cosmetic bags.

Good Versus Evil Makeup

They are making their way onto my holiday hot list for a few reasons.  For starters they’re available at any Walgreens which means I can pick them up while I’m doing my weekly shopping. Bonus points for convenience! They’re super affordable too. Everything in the line is between $7.99 and $9.99 which means I can afford to stuff those stockings or really make someone’s Christmas. 

Good Versus Evil Makeup Bag

While the cosmetics are Disney inspired they are anything but cartoonish. The color palletes are sophisticated enough for anyone of any age. The look books include step by step guides to nail the perfect look or serve as a how-to for the younger members on my holiday list.  

Thank you Disney for providing a promotional item, all opinions are my own. 

28 thoughts on “Disney Good Vs Evil Beauty Collection”

  1. gotta tell you, i am SO GLAD i have a son, LOL. all that girl stuff escaped me when i was a kid :) those are really cute tho, keep it in mind for when my nieces are bigger!

  2. My nieces are 2 and 4. Not sure if these would be a good choice for them. I myself don’t like face lashes, but it looks like there are some pretty nail polishes there that would be good for a teen or tween. I just don’t know any teenage girls or women who would want Disney themed make up.

  3. My grand daughters dream gift…not sure she’s ready for it…but she is definitely a princess! These are great combinations!

  4. I agree that these can be for any age. I have nieces that would love these too. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t mind trying the eye lashes.


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