DIY Beach Wedding Favors Gift Idea

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giant octopus wedding pictureScreen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.08.02 AMIf there is one thing I can definitively say about Ben and I, it’s that we tend to run out of the box. We like things that are different or unique and we have a silly sense of humor (have you seen our wedding photos?)

wedding gift idea hand sanitizerWe had so much fun incorporating our sense of style into our wedding day and despite the lack of time and a crazy schedule, we always wanted to give our bridal parties and guests with unique gifts. Forget the cuff links, the monogrammed robes, and lame party favors – we went with only useful items like goofy captioned lip balm (we are in the Caribbean after all), personalized drink coozies, sunscreen and “Just Say NO to Cooties” hand sanitizer.

While it took us some time to put together the perfect destination wedding welcome bag, the one item we always had on the list were cigars. At first I was going to make something crafty, but then we discovered that our Dominican Republic resort offered the real deal and went with a live cigar roller instead! Our cigar roller was a huge hit but unfortunately, not everyone will have this option and I find myself often wondering what I would have made if I had to make something myself. I know incorporating cigars into a gift for groomsmen, fathers, brothers or all guests would be an easy way to offer something a little luxurious without breaking the bank!

cubero diy beach wedding gift idea (1)Although I’m not a fan of cigarettes, for some reason there is something undeniably celebratory about cigars and I do enjoy one now and then. (As a matter of fact, there are definitely photos of this bride walking around the reception and dancing with a cigar!) Although the big fat ones seem to be the most popular, I really like the idea of using the smaller Cigarillos for wedding favors seeing as I never seem to be able to finish the standard size. The smaller Cigarillos are also perfect when you have to consider space for packing for a destination wedding! Cubero® is a high quality tobacco brand made with a natural wrapper and premium tobacco blend. You can find them at Walmart for a great price and this is my favorite part – in 3 flavors! I love that you can provide a variety this way.

cubero diy beach wedding gift idea 2The theme of our wedding was very simple and beachy, so I wanted to stay on target with this DIY beach wedding favor gift idea. The Cubero® cigarillos come individually wrapped and I placed a very simple “Love” band (made with my ZINK hAppy) over the existing band area and arranged it on sand with shells.

cubero diy beach wedding gift ideaThis would be perfect to place on a welcome table at your reception. Another idea: You could also make Groomsmen thank you cards and attach one that has been specialized for each member!

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  1. LOVE the 1st photo, looks so real! My husband passed out it’s a boy cigars when our 1st baby was born but other than that we are not cigar smokers or smokers at all.


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