DIY You’re a Cutie Candyless Valentine’s Day Treat

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Make these cute candyless, healthy alternative “You’re a Cutie” to Valentine’s Day treats for your child’s classroom. Free printable Valentine tag!

While we adults love to celebrate the day, it’s also a big deal for kids. Children spend hours planning their gifts and dreaming about what kind of cards and treats they should get.

In addition, they want to impress their friends and loved ones. They might even ask you for ideas.

Parents often struggle to find unique and fun ways to celebrate the holiday with their children. It’s hard to think of creative ways to make Valentine’s Day special for kids.

Luckily, there are lots of free printables out there that you can use. Here is one I created.

Every year my daughter participates in a Valentine’s Day exchange at school.

She comes home with a class list and we get busy creating a sweet treat and custom cards for her classmates.

DIY You're a Cutie Candyless Valentine's Day Treat

I love watching her thoughtfully select just the right card for each classmate and she loves coming home after the exchange with an overflowing card box from her classmates.

Inevitably that card box is also full of sugary candies.

Now, I’m not necessarily anti-sweets.

I can even admit to pilfering a few of those treats for myself but I know I’m not the only mom who “relocates” the candy to the trash at the first available opportunity.

Some may argue that chocolate is crucial to Valentine’s Day celebrations, but I think everything in moderation!

Cuties Valentines 3

There are plenty of sweet and healthy alternatives that are still “Sweet As Candy” and good for you too. 

This Valentine’s Day, I partnered with Cuties & Mighties to encourage families to swap sweets for fresh fruit this Valentine’s Day.

We decided they would make the perfect treat for Maddilyn to share with her classroom.

Especially since we already knew they would be a hit with her classmates because we regularly have Cuties in our house.

They’re an easy snack for little fingers to peel on their own, they’re healthy and they’re allergy friendly! 

You're a Cutie Free Valentine Printable

We created these hassle free Cutie Valentine’s Day Treats. I just picked up some Wilton Valentine’s Day Treat Bags.

The great thing about these is that they come complete with a cardboard base and ribbon to tie them.

You could also craft these up pretty easily at home. Grab one of those Amazon boxes you have lying around (I know you have them!) and some scissors and paint.

Cut out circles and paint them white, red or any color you like. Add dots or hearts and even stickers.

You can use plastic wrap or wax paper for the bag.

If you want to stay eco-friendly and skip the plastic, these muslin drawstring bags are cute and can be reused in so many ways!

Then I whipped up this custom “You’re a CUTIE Valentine!” printable tags (available for free download here).

The back sides are blank so Maddilyn could write a personalized message and sign her name.

Then it was just a matter of assembling the treats with her, easy peasy! 

You're a Cutie Free Valentine Printable

The sweet things you can do with Cuties for Valentine’s Day are almost endless:

  • write your sweet messages directly on the fruit
  • arrange them in heart shaped fruit platters
  • swap them for a box of chocolates
  • turn them into a craft for the classroom
  • make adorable Bento Box lunches

Do you have more free printables I can download for my child?

Yes, we do! I love creating free activities and printables for children of all ages – adults too. Some worksheets are educational and some just plain for fun.

Check out the Free Printables section of the blog and be sure to check back often as I try to add new free worksheets weekly.

We also just launched a Crafts and Printables blog dedicated to fun DIY crafts and printables for everyone.

You’ll find a variety of activities like sewing tutorials, home DIY projects, paper crafts, printable planners, educational worksheets, easy holiday crafts for kids and so much more.

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  1. What a ‘cute’ idea!
    Haha, but seriously, I love the healthy, but adorable, twist you put on this Valentine. This seriously encourages kids to eat healthy (most kids LOVE cuties anyway), and it’s such a neat presentation. After all the candy over Halloween, and then in those Christmas stockings, candy is really the last thing kids need, haha. Thank you for sharing!


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