10 Fun Easter Treat Recipes and Ideas

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I couldn’t be more ready for spring! Winters are mild down here in Florida compared to what we dealt with while living in Michigan.

Even still, when you’re used to temperatures hovering around the 80s the few months when temperatures drop and the skies are gray seem to stretch on.

While I’m completely ready for spring, I’m thankful Easter is later this year because I’m definitely not prepared for the upcoming class party!

After researching what to fill plastic Easter Eggs with, I moved on to some fun Easter treats.

Try these fun 10 fun Easter treat recipes and ideas. 

Easter Treat Recipes

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10 Easter Treat Recipes and Ideas

Easter Treats 1

White Chocolate Peeps by The Joys of Boys

Who doesn’t love a new take on the classic bunny Peep?! Yum! 

Easter Treats 2

Springtime Filled Cake Cookies by Thrifty Jinxy

These fun cookies remind me a bit of macaroons with their fun colors but they’re totally doable at home. 

Easter Treats 3

Carrot Shortbread Cookies by An Italian in my Kitchen

I wouldn’t call these “healthy” but hey they have a bit of carrot in them! Plus a yummy cream cheese frosting. 

Easter Treats 4

Easter Rice Krispie Treats by Staying Close to Home 

Easter Treats 5

How funny are these bunnies? I love the jelly bean nose but really, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic rice krispie treat.
Plus this is a recipe the kids will enjoy making too.

Oreo Bark with M&Ms by Typically Simple 

Bark is now acceptable at almost any holiday and it’s awesome! This recipe
only requires four ingredients too. 

Easter Treats 6

Easter Bunny Chow by Typically Simple

Super easy snack to leave out in candy dishes, use as plastic egg fill or bag it up and send it to school as a treat. 

Easter Treats 7

Easter Chocolate Shot Glasses by The Flying Couponer

Three words: Chocolate. Shot. Glasses. Who ever heard of such a thing?! I don’t even need to say more. Try it! 


Bunny Bait Snack Mix by Mamas Got It Together

Easter Treats 9

These are too cute and they even come with a free printable to pull it all together. 

Easter Dessert Recipe Carrot Krispies by DIY Candy

These carrot krispies are so cute and so well done. It’s definitely a Pinterest worthy treat for the classroom. Plus, she shaped them and gave them texture with a butter knife and a fork. How is that for thrifty? 

Birds Nest

Birds Nest No Bake Easter Cookies by Todays Creative Life 

I saved my personal favorite for last. Birds nest treats are the BEST Easter treats in my opinion and these are no bake which makes them even better. 

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  1. These are all perfect for Easter and my entire family would devour them. The white chocolate peeps are by far my favorite.

  2. I’ve tried a few of these already and I have one in progress. Great ideas, the bunny bait is hilarious.


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