Easy Ways to Personalize Your Smartphone

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Smartphones have quickly become the ultimate personal accessories, with home screens, ringtones and protective cases all providing us with the tools to project our own uniqueness and style. Last weeks VZWBuzz Chat featured the latest trends in customizable smartphones and explored how you can experience your own mobile makeover!

Each Friday at 3pm EST Verizon Insider and a team of host tackle a unique tech subject during the #VZWBuzz Twitter chat. In addition to great conversation and personal experience from hundreds of tweeters, these gadget geeks provide numerous helpful resources to continue your education long after the one hour chat is over. In case you missed it, we are bringing you a recap of all we learned but be sure to join us next week!

Hello Kitty Crystal iPhone Case Bling

Choose a Case

There are many ways to begin personalizing your phone. First, start with a case that’s uniquely you. Decide between something protective or something purely decorative, just be honest with yourself on how likely you are to drop it. 

Check out the Best Verizon Phone Cases that Offer Protection and Style to find a case that offers both!

Personalize Your Home and Lock Screen
Have your photos transferred to your new phone via the cloud or grab a couple from social media. Then personalize your home and lock screens. You can also check out places like Etsy, that offer personalized home screen photos for cheap.
Set Ringtones and Picture Ids
Every time I see my husbands face pop up on my caller ID it brings a smile to my face but even before I look, I know it’s him calling because he has a custom ringtone. Set one for your hubs, your boss (Jaws theme anyone?), and your family members. Apps like Slacker Radio and Verizon Tones make it easy to get just the right ringtone for anyone. 
Check out Verizon’s “How to Get and Use Ringtones” article for more info. 
Windows Phone Tells My Love Story
Get App Happy
Apps are your phone truly becomes personal. They’re what take it from a calling device to a machine that works for you. Start with social media staples, your banking and bill pay apps, and go from there. We offer numerous articles featuring app suggestions in a variety of areas want including:

You can find even more tips personalize your phone from Verizon.

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  1. How much fun. I love when I see people with such personalised phone. I always mean to do something like this but I never seem to find the time.

  2. These are great ideas! My daughter would flip over that Hello Kitty case. I love to put my own personal wallpaper on my phone from photos I take.


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