Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for Geeks

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Gifts for Geeks

If there is one thing I know being a gadget loving geek mom, is that tech is always on my wish list each year. Fortunately, the galaxy is full of fantastic gift ideas for the nerd in your life; whether … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for Travelers

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Gifts for Travelers

Finding a great gift for the traveler in your life can feel like a daunting task. Especially for those who seem like they have their travel gear down to a science. However, a little thinking outside the box can score … Read more

Easy Ways to Personalize Your Smartphone

Smartphones have quickly become the ultimate personal accessories, with home screens, ringtones and protective cases all providing us with the tools to project our own uniqueness and style. Last weeks VZWBuzz Chat featured the latest trends in customizable smartphones and explored how … Read more

Dell Inspiron

3 Things You Should Do Before Getting a New Laptop

For most people, getting a new piece of technology can be both exciting and overwhelming. Especially when you’re investing in your next laptop. There are many brands, operating systems and specifications to choose between. Not to mention the hassle of … Read more

social media tips for parents

How to Curate and Protect Your Online Identity

It seems as though more of our lives are displayed online more than ever which makes curating and protecting our personal identities more important than ever. From future employers to friends old and new it’s important to put your best … Read more

Mobile Productivity Apps

How To Be More Productive with Mobile Technology

It’s a given that technology has allowed our lives to evolve in a way that is more productive and efficient than ever before – or has it? While innovative apps, faster networks, and a range of useful accessories are turning our … Read more


The Evolution of the Smarthome with Smart Technology

With the evolution of smart technology, faster networks and super apps, we have a whole new generation of connected devices making our homes smarter and more efficient. At last weeks #VZWBuzz twitter chat, we discussed todays smarthome. With bluetooth speakers, security … Read more

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Score Great Technology Gifts For Under $100

Each year someone in my family ends up making the comment that as kids get older their holiday wish list become more and more expensive. While I can completely agree, I also know it’s possible to score some awesome technology … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5

Audiophiles Rejoice with Samsung Milk Music

Audiophile may be too strong a word to describe me but I’m definitely someone who enjoys the power of music.  I’m certainly not someone who knows all the songs of all their favorite bands. I couldn’t tell you anything about … Read more