How to Curate and Protect Your Online Identity

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It seems as though more of our lives are displayed online more than ever which makes curating and protecting our personal identities more important than ever. From future employers to friends old and new it’s important to put your best (digital) foot forward. This week the #VZWBuzz team brought us tips for curating our online identities. 

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3 Ways to Improve Your Online Profile 

1. Make yourself findable

All of the effort put into curating an online profile is wasted if no one can find you! A few tips to make you easier to find:

  • Create a presences on all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. 
  • Consider adding an initial or middle name to your profile if your name is very common.
  • Google yourself to make sure you can be found.

2. Keep your profile up-to-date

Make sure you’re updating your profiles regularly. You will want to keep your qualifications and achievements as up to date as possible. You will want to post regularly as well. This can be as easy as sharing the greatest movie or read you have come across that week. You have to be active to be interesting. 

3. Be consistent

Be consistent across all platforms. Use the same photo or series of photos as your profile picture. Make sure that you’re representing yourself accurately and in the best light. Verizon offers helpful ways to keep your social media accounts in sync

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4 Things You Should Never Post On Your Facebook

1. How much you hate your job

Complaining about your job is never going to do you any favors. Not only does it seem ungrateful and disloyal, it also won’t win you many friends from the office. Additionally, future employers will not look fondly on it either. 

2. Private Personal Information 

This may seem like a no brainer, but you should never put your birth year, home address, telephone number, or mother’s maiden name – or anything else that could be used to put your personal or financial security at risk. These days criminals need very little to steal a persons identity. 

3. Strong political or religious opinions

It’s great to have strong convictions, however, social media isn’t the place for them. 140 characters doesn’t leave a lot of room for explanation and with issues as deep as these, even a paragraph on Facebook isn’t enough. Instead, Facebook activity should be kept friendly and light. As a rule: Don’t post politically charged comments and don’t respond to other people that do.

4. Curse words

What may seem funny now, may not seem so funny to potential clients, employers or future friends. Don’t risk offending your colleagues, your friends, or your favorite aunt. Keep it clean!

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  1. These are all really great tips. I notice a lot of profiles don’t get updated, or people don’t take advantage of all the tools they can use in their profile (like connecting accounts). This is a good reminder, and it is such a good idea to have a consistent photo across social media.


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