The Evolution of the Smarthome with Smart Technology

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With the evolution of smart technology, faster networks and super apps, we have a whole new generation of connected devices making our homes smarter and more efficient. At last weeks #VZWBuzz twitter chat, we discussed todays smarthome. With bluetooth speakers, security cameras, smart thermostats, and more, these devices are changing the way we live. 

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Smart Homes Provide Peace of Mind and are Energy Efficient

For most, smarthome technology is about peace of mind. With services like Verizon’s Home Monitoring and Control system, homeowners can turn lights on and off, let visitors into the house, watch a live video feed of your home, and even adjust your thermostat.

One of the best feautres about Home Monitoring and Control is that you can get started with a simple “starter kit” which will give you an indoor camera, a light module and a gateway device. From there you can build as needed with  door locks, entry sensors, smart thermostats, additional indoor and outdoor cameras, and modules for individual appliances.

A Connected Home Is A Safer Home

Mobile technology allows us to connect our lives in a variety of ways. Now these products can connect us to our homes allowing us to access them anywhere: online over our smartphones and tablets form just about anywhere.  Verizon offers are a few connected devices that might help provide a safer home:

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