Save While You Spend During the Holidays

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Less than 2 weeks – That is how much time is left before Christmas! So, I only have one question – Are you done with your holiday shopping? If you are anything like me, that question made you laugh. I always try to start shopping early and budget money each month for a couple of presents, but somehow an unexpected bill always pops up. Then, before I know it, it is mid –December, and I am frantically searching through the clearance section trying to find something for everyone that will fit my thinly stretched budget. 

This year, I am doing things a little differently and I have decided to take advantage of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program and actually earn while I spend.

My Christmas Plan

  • I have come up with a realistic budget that will allow me to buy thoughtful gifts for everyone.
  • Instead of setting money aside from each paycheck and worrying that I won’t have enough or having to wait until the last minute for the next check, I am using my Chase credit card with Ultimate Rewards to buy what I need within my budget.
  • I have created a payment plan which will allow me to completely pay off my Christmas spending by the end of January.
  • Finally, I can use the rewards I have earned to give myself a present!

With my new plan of action for the holidays there is less stress and a whole lot more free time to actually enjoy myself and my family.

I can thank Chase for their Ultimate Rewards plan which allows me to earn points with every purchase. Then, I can redeem them for travel, event tickets, VIP access to concerts and movie premieres, merchandise, gift cards, and even cash back! That means I can actually make money, by spending money. I can even redeem my rewards for holiday gifts for others, so I can save money and get my holiday shopping done. Chase even offers extra incentives for cardholders with Ultimate Rewards during the holidays, which allows you to do more for less.

How Do You Qualify?

Ultimate Rewards is available to Chase FreedomChase Sapphire, and Ink from Chase cardholders. 

When you use any of these cards, you earn points on every purchase. was recently redesigned to offer you a much more personal experience, so you see the offerings that matter most to you based on rewards that you “like,” your lifestyle and card activity.

Most of us have become chained to our money, and we pay bank fees and interest without batting an eye. We work hard for our money so let’s make the most of it. Get back every cent possible and take advantage of the opportunity to stretch your money further, especially during the holidays.

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  1. Love your tips! Never thought of some of them! I don’t own credit cards, so I guess, I’m already ahead of the the game!


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