12 Strange Statues from Around the World

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One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing bizarre and strange items. There is something very exciting about witnessing sights that are odd and new. I think it is because we are all so plugged in to social media, and we have the world wide web available at our fingertips, we feel as if we have seen it all. For all you might see online, you have not seen it all. Here are a few strange statues from around the world you probably haven’t seen.

hand of harmony
Source JayHyuck Shin

Hand Of Harmony – South Korea

This hand sculpture reaches out from the ocean at Homigot Beach in the city of Pohang, South Korea.  It is said that on this beach is where the sunrise can first be seen in Korea, and as it rises, the rays shine through the fingers of the hand. The statue was built in 1999 as a tribute to the constant pursuit of all Koreans to live a better life. On New Year’s, many tourists flock to the beach to release balloons symbolizing their hopes for the new year.


underwater statue
Source Travel Addicts

Underwater Museum – Mexico

In Mexico you can go snorkeling and see some unexpected sights that aren’t a naturally occurring part of the scenery. There is an actual museum underwater (MUSA) with over 470 statues. Located in the Manchones reef area, there are plans to continue to grow the museum and offer snorkelers a unique experience under the turquoise waves.   


big baby
Source Pulkit Sinha

Baby Statue – India

In Visakhapatnam, India this oversized baby sits on the beach happily smiling for tourists. It is a popular sight for visitors to flock to in southern India.

shoes 2
Source Yehuda Cohen

Shoes – Hungary

Artists Can Togay and Gyula Pauer created these empty shoes along the Danube river as a reminder of the Jewish Holocaust victims that had been killed along its banks. It is a moving and very chilling memorial.

hand with car
Source Loz Pycock

Vroom, Vroom – United Kingdom

This fun statue was made by Lorenzo Quinn as a way to inspire the unbridled excitement of childhood. The statue is on display in London’s Park lane.


Source Chris Newton

Sunken Library – Australia

You can see just the tip of the library as it sinks below the ground in Melbourne, Australia. It was an artwork commissioned by local council in efforts to promote the city’s art program. It is thought the original meaning was meant to capture the crushing weight of knowledge, it has been interpreted a variety of ways since its creation.


Die Badende
Source Steffi Reichert

Die Badende – Germany

This giant woman appears to be bathing in the waters of Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. It is known as die badende or “the bather”, and it rises 13 feet out of the water and weighs more than 2 tons. The woman was designed by Olive Voss and actually meant to advertise a British beauty company, Soap & Glory.


big rig jig
Source Erica R-L

Big Rig Jig – United States

This interesting piece of artwork was created by Mike Ross, a Brooklyn based artist. It was created in Nevada during the 2007 Burning Man Festival and made from two repurposed 18 wheel tanker trucks. It is a fascinating commentary on our developing nation.   

shark 1
Source Cathy Griffiths

The Shark – United Kingdom

Hmmm…There is a shark in your roof. This sculpture was commissioned by Bill Heine, the man that owns the house, in 1986 on the 41st anniversary that the atom bomb was dropped. He said it was meant as a symbol of anger and frustration. John Buckley was the artist that created the fiberglass shark weighing about 400 pounds. Many have tried to have it removed, to no avail, and still it sits today.   


cow popsicle
Source Eva

Cow Popsicle – Hungary

In Budapest, Hungary you will stumble upon this bizarre melting popsicle in the shape of a cow. It came from a CowParade in 2006 where local artists came up with ideas for cow statues to be created and put on display all over Budapest. This particular cow, designed by Andras Hajdu, Balazs Magashegyi, and Krisztian Imre, was a bit controversial mostly because of its location in front of the basilica. The stick also pointed directly to the cathedral’s edifice. After much arguing, the statue was damaged and removed late one night before being left in front of the House of Liberals. However, the statue was repaired and put back on display in a neutral area.


victorias way
Source Rob Hurson

Victoria’s Way – Ireland

This park is full of rare and interesting sculptures for adults to peruse and reflect upon their own inner feelings. The privately owned park was created by Victor Langheld after he travelled to India in search of more in life. It is set up in the stages of life starting with birth. Each statue is symbolic and meant to incite inner reflection. The park is meant for adults only, and it is a fascinating way to inspire thought about the broader and often frightening elements of life.  


Source William F. Yurasko

The Awakening – United States 

A 72 foot giant tries to free himself from the ground in this unusual statue created by J. Seward Johnson Jr. in 1980. Originally installed at Hains Point in East Potomac Park, it was eventually purchased by Milton Peterson and moved to the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland along the Potomac River.



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