Father’s Day Gift Guide: Simple Accessories Dad Will Love

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Hi everybody! It’s that time of year and Father’s Day is fast approaching.  At some point, we’ve all struggled with the perfect gift for the dads in our lives. Whether shopping for the father of your kids or your own dad, we can all agree, these guys can be a challenging troupe to shop for!

fathers day gift ideas

That’s why we’ve come up with some super-keen ideas that crush the old, outdated images of dads in knee-high socks or sweatpants.  We want to give some righteous shout-outs to stylish, modern looks that any dad can pull off.  If you follow this gift guide, stand back and watch as the dad in your life transforms into the ‘cool dude’ status he deserves.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Simple Accessories Dad Will Love

When it comes to hip fashion for men, you might be surprised at how the simplest accents can make a grandiose statement. One unpretentious yet stylish accessory can shift a fashion ensemble from ‘blah’ to ‘yeehaw!’ A trendy twist or a chic tweak is all it takes to transform an ordinary-looking dad into a super-pop. Make this Father’s Day memorable by giving a fashionable gift to your special man that will make him feel like a king on his day of honor. Here are a few mucho primo gift ideas for Father’s Day that are sure to please those dear dads in your life.

It’s a Cinch:  Belts are perhaps one of the most under-appreciated accessories in any guy’s fashion arsenal. Maybe that’s because they are valued more for their practical purposes rather than a stylish essential. Sure, they keep pants in place and even hold tools or phones, but belts can make a mammoth fashion statement. Belts for men come in a dizzying array of styles and colors. However, minimalist and utilitarian styles are the current trend in men’s belts. Think about giving dad an on-trend utilitarian belt for Father’s day. He will love the tactical style and appreciate the functionality too!

Head of the Pack: Nobody’s laughing at the old ‘man-bag’ joke anymore! Now more than ever men’s bags and backpacks are all the rage. But to make the dad in your life really stand out in style, selecting the right type of bag is key. The current trend in men’s fashion is high-quality, designer backpacks for men. A classic, leather backpack is the perfect Father’s Day gift for its functionality, craftsmanship, and awesome style.

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Put a Lid on It: We know lots of dads who don an old baseball cap without a second thought. For many guys, a ball cap is part of their fashion uniform. But we can’t overlook different men’s hat styles that can totally rock your dad’s world! For example, a jaunty fedora can be a perfect topper for almost any outfit. There are tons of styles to choose from too. From a perky porkpie hat to a dapper derby, dad will love how a stylish lid can create an instant, sophisticated look.

Bling is King: You might be surprised to learn that bracelets are on the upswing in men’s fashion trends right now. According to Men’s Health Magazine, the days of gaudy, chunky men’s jewelry are long gone. However, sleek, minimalist-style bracelets are the hot new trend. A simple cord or leather bracelet can make an impressive statement. Or consider giving the papa in your life a pop of style with a modest yet striking silver wrist cuff.  Men’s bracelets are a great way to complete a well-polished look for dad.

Dad’s Deserve Makeover’s Too!

Well, some fathers might not agree they need (or even want) a makeover. But thankfully, most dads don’t need a total fashion overhaul. Just a few finely crafted, well-selected accessories can make a tremendous transformation in any dad’s dress routine.

We think that any dad in your life will get jazzed about these hip, urban accessories. Smart, simple wardrobe additions are certain to put a spring in dad’s step and a smile on his face. Whether you give dad a chipper chapeau or a slim, sexy bracelet, we are sure these accessories will make him feel like a superhero pop! 

So treat dear dad to the timeless gift of style this Father’s Day!

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