Packing For a Wellness Retreat: Everything You Need (And A Few Things You Don’t)

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Whether you’re attending a hosted wellness retreat at a resort or you’re planning your own health-focused getaway, you’re in for a beautiful experience. As navigating everyday life often reduces the time you spend tending to your needs, a vacation presents the opportunity to remedy that.

You’re immersing yourself in an environment that transcends your mind, body, and soul. If you’re going to enjoy your wellness retreat, there are a few things you want to take with you. Check out this ultimate packing list below. 

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Identification, Travel Docs, and Money

As with all travel, the most essential things to bring on your wellness getaway are your identification cards, travel documents, and money. Without these items, you won’t be able to travel freely from one destination to the next. You also won’t have a way to pay for things you need.

Make sure to copy these documents as a safety precaution in the event they’re lost or stolen. Leave the copies in your hotel room or vacation rental for safekeeping. 

Medication, Vitamins, Supplements, and Wellness Products

If you take medicine to manage a health condition, ensure that you bring them with you. You may need to keep a copy of the prescription or letter from your doctor on hand when passing through the airport. Since this is a wellness retreat, you should also bring your vitamins, supplements, and wellness products like essential oils or CBD isolates.

Even though hosted wellness retreats often have wellness products on hand and workshops like “how to make CBD isolate,” if you have products that work best for you, it’s best to continue using them. 

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Workout Clothes and Comfy Street Clothes

A wellness retreat is more about comfort and less about being fashionable. If you’ll be partaking in exercise classes or hitting the gym, pack some of your favorite workout clothes.

As for footwear, pack a pair of athletic shoes that provide the right ankle and arch support. When you’re not engaged in physical activity, you may want to hit the beach, hang out with new friends you’ve met, or just lounge around the hotel. Therefore, you want to pack some free-flowing and comfortable street clothes and shoes. 

Books and Diaries

A health-focused getaway shouldn’t just focus on physical health. You should also take care of your mental well-being. During your downtime, indulge in activities like reading uplifting books and writing about your experience in a journal. 

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A Watch and Camera

Smartphones are convenient because they have everything you need in one device. You can make phone calls, send text messages, access the internet, take photos, and look at the time. Be that as it may, they’re also a distraction.

While you’ll likely bring your phone on your trip, it’s often best to leave them at the hotel when you’re participating in wellness activities. So, ensure that you bring a working watch and a camera so you can tell time and capture your experience. 

What Not To Bring

When going on a wellness retreat, some things should be left at home. Technology is at the top of that list. Leave your tablets and laptops at home so you can unplug and focus on what matters most.

Another thing you don’t need to bring with you is junk food. The idea is to consume good things for you, so packing snacks kind of defeats the purpose.

Finally, leave all workout equipment home. If you’re going to a hosted retreat, they’ll have these things for you. The same is true if you’re utilizing a hotel gym. 

Everyday life has a way of causing us to forget about our overall well-being. Essentially, going on a wellness retreat or health-focused vacation can be just the thing you need to get back on track. You’ll have uninterrupted time to participate in activities that transform your mind, body, and spirit. To ensure you have a good time, be sure that you’ve packed everything listed above (and leave home the things you don’t need). 

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