6 Films That Need To Be Watched on the Big Screen

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Sometimes, a larger-than-life film doesn’t deserve anything less than a big, freakin’ screen. Below are 6 films that need to be watched on the big screen because anything less doesn’t do justice to their visual brilliance. 

 Films That Need To Be Watched on the Big Screen

6 Films That Need To Be Watched on the Big Screen


Directed by James Cameron, Avatar follows the story of a Marine tasked with a mission that takes him to the serene 3D world of the moon Pandora. While the movie had a decent plot, it was the visuals that had audiences buzzing long after the credits rolled. Visuals that were made for the big screen. 


Fantasia took some of the most well-known classical music of all time and paired it with stunning animated visuals created by the master of animation, Walt Disney. Each song tells it’s own unique story and the images and the music need to be experienced in a way that’s larger than life. 

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo became an instant classic in homes across America when it made its debut. It’s a story of a lost clownfish, Nemo and his father’s mission to find him. Along the way, he meets characters like Dory, a forgetful blue tang and Crush, a 150 year old Sea Turtle. This animated film with its vast ocean sequences and life like scenery are made to be explored and experienced on the big screen. 

Jurassic World

Just like the original trilogy, the sequel is best viewed on the big screen.  Like the first three, Jurassic World did. not. disappoint. You would think we would have learned by now that trying to revive extinct animals is a bad idea but until we do, I’m going to continue enjoying Jurassic movies on the big screen. There is something about a good action sequence played out across a big screen that can not be replicated on even the best 60 inch TV. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

During its December release the latest Star Wars film did not disappoint by breaking box office records left and right. Audiences were taken back in The Force Awakens, three decades after The Return of the Jedi, to meet new faces like Rey and Finn, as well as some familiar faces. Of course, ALL Star Wars films should be watched on the big screen but we love the latest one because of nostalgia and its action packed brilliance. 

The Avengers

There’s no denying that The Avengers is a big screen movie, made to be seen on a big screen. It’s larger than life superheroes and in-your-face action sequences deserve nothing less than a really, really big screen.  


While Disney occasionally brings some of their movies back to the big screen after a period of time, for the most part, it’s impossible to see your favorites in theaters again. But all is not lost. Anyone with a projector can bring the big screen to just about any room in the house (and even outside)! 

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