17 Amazing Free Chicken Coop Plans and Inspiration

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You’re ready to start raising chickens and now it’s time to build the coop. Here are 17 free DIY chicken coop plans and ideas to get you inspired to build. 

Chicken coops, like houses, come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Some are easy and quick to throw together, while a larger chicken coop might require a step by step building plan.

Is it cheaper to build your own chicken coop?

A lot of people are wondering  is it cheaper to buy or build a chicken coop? Like most things you can build yourself, yes, it is cheaper to build your own simple DIY chicken coop. Especially if you can upcycle or use materials you may already have laying around your garden or back yard.

Most ready-made coops you will find online are really not suitable for more than 1-2 chickens. Even you if you purchased all new materials for building your coop, you could build something twice as big, that will last much longer and your chickens will be much happier.  

free chicken coop plans
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What can I use to build a chicken coop?

Some people buy all new materials when making their own chicken coop ideas come to life, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Why not try recycling or upcycling items you (or maybe a friend or neighbor) already has?

Some great items that can be recycled to use on your chicken coop is old fencing, chicken wire, wood pallets, old windows, leftover artificial grass pieces even an old front door. Use your imagination!

Chickens certainly aren’t picky, and if we’re being honest, they aren’t the tidiest of pets. Don’t get too hung up on your build looking brand new, because it’ll look well used pretty quickly. Personally, I love the chicken coop ideas that are made from almost all recycled materials.

How big of a coop do I need for my chickens?

A good rule of thumb to follow is 1 chicken per 4 square feet of coop space, when they are also given adequate outdoor run space. So if you have a backyard flock of 4 chickens, then you will need at least a 16 square foot coop (4×4, 8×2, or larger).

Don’t skimp on your coop size. If your coop isn’t big enough, not only will your chickens will not be happy, but you’ll be faced with a bunch of other problems as well.

The coop will be untidy and need more frequent cleaning if it is too small. It will also cause your chickens a lot of undue stress which could lead to disease as well as poor egg production.

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans, Blueprints and Ideas

A wooden, fenced in chicken coop with steel roof Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

This beautiful coop thought of everything! It uses tongue and groove cedar, sits up off the ground, has wire mesh buried beneath the soil for extra security and is designed for 4 chickens.

All for about $400 in materials. There aren’t any plans or directions, but it features some great ideas that you can use as inspiration while designing yours,

free chicken coop plans for 6 chickens with enclosed run

How cute is this?! We love the red, barn-esque appearance. Plus, it requires only basic building skills. This easy DIY chicken coop and enclosed run from HGTV has a small footprint that will fit any yard, taking up a just a 6-foot by 10-foot area.

The raised-coop chicken house design is easy to build, offers room for six chickens, a walk-in run with door, built-in storage, a large window, and an external egg collection box. I love the little flower box!

ana white a frame chicken coop

This is definitely more of a chicken tractor design (aka portable chicken coop), rather than your standard hen house but if you’ve been wondering how do you make a simple chicken coop, this Ana White chicken coop is for you.

The A Frame Chicken Coop design is ideal for giving your chickens room to roam around your yard while being easily moved. Plus, Ana White is known for her easy to follow, quality construction plans for just about everything so her chicken coop blueprints won’t disappoint.

Enclosed multi level Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

This chicken coop offers an exterior nesting box giving easy access for eggs, ventilation and secure fencing outside of the coop. Jaden put a lot of thought and research into this build and offers her Sketchup plans for free.

Narrow chicken coop with fenced in area Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

This narrow coop tucks nicely alongside the house for those short on space. Complete plans aren’t shared, but there is a materials list and a TON of pictures. He says the entire coop and run project cost less than $500 to build and is constructed mostly out of 2x4s and plywood siding.

shed chicken coop plans

This Shed Chicken Coop design was found on Ana White’s site (although it appears to have been made by a friend or reader). What’s great is that they upcycled a lot of materials like the windows and floors. You can get the full detailed build plans here.

small chicken coop plans

Small but functional, this chicken coop from Simply Easy DIY is perfect for those with just one or two chickens and are looking for portable chicken coop plans. There are detailed plans available for free here.

wood shingle chicken coop

I love everything about this wood shingle backyard chicken coop! There is a large coop walk-in run and a thoughtful storage compartment. Unfortunately, there aren’t full build plans, but they share a lot of in progress photos so you may be able to make something similar.

Split level chicken coop plans with storage area. Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans.

This mini coop is best suited for bantam breeds that require less space. She bought all of the materials for about $350 and spent about 2 days on the build. You can get the complete free small chicken coop plans with clean out tray and nesting box at Ana White.

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans for a multi level chicken coop with frenced in area and roost.

This funky chicken coop was designed specifically for urbanites. Scroll down to the bottom to download the free chicken coop plans PDF.

construct 101 free diy chicken coop project

If you’re looking for large chicken coop plans, this 8×8 chicken coop with large attached walk in run may be for you. You can get the free chicken coop blueprints in detailed step-by-step plans to complete this DIY Chicken Coop project here

blue chicken coop diy

This blue coop looks fancy but it’s mostly trim just work. Creative Housewives share this build in pictures as an inspiration (meaning there aren’t specific plans or measurements given).

But if you’re handy and have some experience building things, there are a ton of pictures and it’d be pretty easy to recreate using your own personalized dimensions.

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

This yellow coop is so bright and cheery it could be mistaken for a kids play house. While full plans are not available, they do share a million pictures, supplies and measurements. 

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

The creators of this chicken coop thought of everything and even included a trellis for growing plants on the outside. They don’t share build plans for this coop, but they did get their inspiration from two Chicken Coop Build books.

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Don’t judge a coop by it’s picture, these free chicken coop plans are broken down for all skill levels. 

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

For those with a lot of backyard chickens, this 8×10 chicken coop blueprint is designed to house between 20 and 30 chickens. 

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