Exploring Unique and Creative “French Toast” Recipes

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Winter mornings call for a warm, hearty breakfast and my favorite is french toast! The surprisingly balanced base to start the day puts together a slice or two of carbohydrate rich bread with the protein of milk and eggs to kickstart any winter morning for productivity. We all know french toast as a dish to be doused in maple syrup, but why not branch out? Lately, I’ve been experimenting with cocoa powder and balsamic vinegar, but I’ve also found these recipes to make french toast different for every day.

Savory Feta Cheese French Toast

I think that savory french toast is highly underrated, and this cheesy recipe also manages to cut down on the calories by omitting unnecessary sugar. Instead of loading up on powdered sugar and syrup, I love the addition of thyme, which is a naturally sweet herb.

Overnight French Toast

When calories or time aren’t a concern, overnight french toast will give you the richest variation of the breakfast. I love the suggestion of brioche or challah bread and letting the bread have hours to soak in all of the flavors.

French Toast Protein Shake

Who said you need a fork to enjoy french toast? This protein shake packs in cottage cheese and vanilla protein powder for a drinkable toast on the go. If you’re on a shake diet, this is also an easy way to flavor your shake a few days a week to keep the routine from getting bland.

French Toast Cupcakes

There is nothing about this that I don’t love. The cake, streusel, and buttercream treats are rolled in cinnamon sugar to top off the cupcake that’s fun to have for breakfast on occasion. I also think these cupcakes are perfectly acceptable for a birthday party, because deliciousness is always appropriate!

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