15 Fun Facts About Dogs

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Zoey came to us at 8 weeks old, making her the perfect companion for our 6 month old daughter. It’s funny to see how our dog considers my daughter her pack mate. They spend their days playing keep away or hide-and-seek and in the evening, Zoey sleeps next to my daughter’s bed, keeping watch over our family each night. Our four legged furry companions bring joy and entertainment to our lives, exasperate us with their antics and beguile with their unique personalities. For most of us, they’re one of the family, but how much do you really know about your pet? 


15 Fun Facts About Dogs

  1. Dogs have sweat glands in between their paws.
  2. Dalmatians are completely white at birth.
  3. The Lundehune breed has 6 toes and can close its ears.
  4. A dog’s shoulder blades are unattached to the rest of the skeleton to allow greater flexibility for running.
  5. The shape of a dog’s face suggests how long it will live. 
  6. While the length of it’s nose is related to how well it cools itself (the longer the better). 
  7. The most dogs ever owned by one person were 5,000 Mastiffs owned by Kubla Khan.
  8. A dog can locate the source of a sound in 1/600 of a second and can hear sounds four times farther away than a human can.
  9. The most popular names for male dogs are Jake and Max while the most popular for females are Maggie and Molly. 
  10. It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is akin to our vision at dusk.
  11. The fastest dog on earth is the Greyhound. It can run at speeds of 45mph while the average dog can only run about 19 mph. 
  12. Only dogs and humans have prostates but dogs do not have an appendix.
  13. A dog’s smell is more than 100,000 times stronger than a persons.
  14. Puppies sleep ninety percent of the day for their first few weeks.
  15. They are naturally submissive to any creature with higher pack status – human or canine. 

Bonus: be careful how you spoil your pet, their stomaches are more sensitive than you may think! Small quantities of grapes and raisins can cause renal failure in dogs. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, cooked onions, or anything with caffeine can also be harmful. Instead of potentially unhealthy table scraps, give your four legged friend treats they can enjoy safely like the New Alpo Meal Helpers available at Dollar General. 


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  1. I love dogs because I grow up with them but unfortunately I can’t have one since my daughter is allergic to them. Thanks for sharing!


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