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Incredibly Interesting Fun Facts About Dogs

Our four legged furry companions bring joy and entertainment to our lives, exasperate us with their antics and beguile with their unique personalities. For most of us, they’re one of the family, but how much do you really know about … Read more

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The Happiest Dog-Gone Room in the House

Thunk! I saw the light in the kitchen ceiling sway with the commotion overhead. My mother shouted, “What is going on up there?” She didn’t miss a beat as she chopped away at vegetables and just shook her head when … Read more

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How Do You Honor Your Four Legged Family Members?

Spring has finally arrived in Michigan with temperatures reaching into the low 80’s on the sunniest of days. My family has caught spring fever something feirce. We just want to spend our days playing outside, doing yard work, barbecuing and … Read more