5 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids – Bet You Didn’t Know #5

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There is so much research that links to all the ways pets are good for kids. From teaching them responsibility to the linked health benefits, we compiled a list of reasons pets are good for kids, but it’s the last one that surprised us most.  

5 Reasons Pets are Good For Kids

Pets Boost Self-Esteem

Did you know research shows that kids with family pets have higher self-esteem? Researchers believe it has something to do with the unconditional love pets offer and the constant friend to talk and play with. 

It’s Good For Their Everyone’s Health

  • Children with pets are less likely to develop common allergies and asthma.
  • Playing with dogs is linked to lower blood pressure.
  • Pet owners require fewer doctor’s visits.
  • Cuddling a pet reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety.

Pets Encourage Nurturing

Not only does having a family pet create additional common bond among siblings, it also offer a way for kids to “parent play” pets and develop the ability to nurture. Believe it or not, the ability to nurture isn’t born with parenthood, it’s a trait that needs to be fostered over time. 

Pets Teach Responsibility

Feeding and caring for a pet requires consistency and teaches kid a valuable lesson in responsibility. Plus, taking care of their pet through play and walks gets kids outside more and that comes with a whole other list of health benefits

Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids1

Pets Help With Childhood Literacy

Studies have shown that when children read to pets, their reading skills & confidence improve. For instance Dr. Mary Renck Jalongo, author of The World of Children and Their Companion Animals, explains that research shows all children can benefit from the presence of a nonjudgmental pal with paws. In one study, children were asked to read in front of a peer, an adult, and a dog. Researchers monitored their stress levels, and found that kids were most relaxed around the animal, not the humans.

“If you’re struggling to read and someone says, ‘Time to pick up your book and work,’ that’s not a very attractive offer,” Dr. Jalongo says. “Curling up with a dog or cat, on the other hand, is a lot more appealing.”

 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids

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  1. We have a dog for our kids. She calms my son down when he is feeling upset, will lick my daughters face if she is crying, wakes them up in the morning. She reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan! Love her to pieces!


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