4 Potion Ideas: Halloween Cocktail Recipes for Adults

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Trick-or-treats aren’t just for children this Halloween. These four festive alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipes or potion ideas are actually great tricked out adult treats!

Halloween is a holiday that has been around for centuries. It was originally meant to be a celebration of the harvest, but now it’s become an excuse for people to dress up in costumes and get candy from strangers!

One of the most popular traditions at Halloween is making potions. This article will give you some ideas on what concoctions you can make with just a few ingredients.

The best part about is that it includes recipes so there’s no need to experiment or buy all sorts of things that may not work out as planned!

Whether you’re hosting a party or spending the night at home this Hallows Eve, you can get into the holiday spirit with any of these tea crafted Halloween potion ideas created by Owl’s Brew.

Designed by the Brew Lab Tea, Owl’s Brew is the first ever tea to be “crafted for cocktails,” made from loose-leaf tea blends that are custom crafted to pair perfectly with spirits.

Halloween Cocktails Recipes and potion ideas for adults

Owl’s Brew teas are American made and all fresh-brewed from real, whole spices, fruits and herbs and contain no artificial flavors or concentrates – perfect to use as Halloween potion ingredients.

With 1/3 of the calories of comparable cocktails, Owl’s Brew is a great way to get the perfect taste without hurting your waist!

In an August interview with OK Magazine, the founders of Owl’s Brew, Maria Littlefield and Jennie Ripps talked about the idea of mixing tea with alcohol.

“Anyone can mix tea with liquor. Even though people think tea seems so light and liquor seems so powerful, it works,” says Jennie. What a delightful trick and treat for Halloween!

With fun names including the ‘Ghostly Margari-tea,’ ‘Haunted Forest,’ and ‘Green Goblin’s Brew,’ these delicious cocktails can be made with less than four potion ingredients plus garnish.

(Psssttt… I have another easy Halloween drink recipe called Witches blood that only uses wine, citrus soda and fruit!)

They also taste great without the alcohol, if you’d like to make in larger batches to share with the little ones.

Halloween Potion Ideas

Step out of your comfort zone and try something frighteningly new this Halloween with one of these spooktacular spirits!

Tip: If you don’t have all of the ingredients to make one of these holiday Halloween potions, Owl’s Brew has a variety of tea blends that pair wonderfully with Captain Morgan, which may be more readily available in your home!

Halloween Cocktails Recipes - haunted forest
Halloween Cocktails Recipes - green goblin's brew
Halloween Cocktails Recipes - Ghostly Margarita
Halloween Cocktails Recipes - Cauldron Brew

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