Dirt and Worms Pudding Dessert Isn’t Just for Halloween!

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Who said you can’t eat dirt? Or worms for that matter? I say eat both and say yum! This delicious Dirt and Worm Pudding dessert is so quick and easy the kids can make it. It’s the perfect for dessert for birthdays, Halloween, or even your next BBQ.

Dirt and Worms Pudding Dessert Isn’t Just for Halloween!
Image Credit: The Party Animal

It’s easy to take this basic recipe and really get creative! Chopped mint can resemble grass, experiment with different cookies and candy or change up the pudding flavors. If you don’t like the the heaviness of pudding, fold in whipped cream! The possibilities are endless.

This is my recipe (I’ve had it so long I don’t know where it came from) but I have included a variety of images from fellow Dirt and Worm Dessert lovers to show the creative ways it can be displayed! 

Dirt and Worms Pudding Dessert



  1. Make instant Chocolate Pudding according to package instructions.
  2. Crush Oreo Cookies with a food processor OR Place in Plastic Bag and Crush with Rolling Pin to dirt and rocks consistency.
  3. Layer pudding and cookies in individual cups or a serving bowl, end with cookie.
  4. Garnish with Worms and Mint.


Dessert and Worm Pudding Cups
Image Credit: Delightful Dessert
Dessert and Worm Pudding Cups
Image Credit: Taste of Home


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