Hash House a Go Go: Delightfully Twisted Farm Food in San Diego

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Hash House has been one of my favorite restaurants for quite some time now. I was first introduced to their twisted farm food on my first birthday getaway to San Diego, and quickly fell in love. Since then, for every birthday or anniversary trip to either San Diego or visit to Las Vegas, I’ve made it a tradition to make sure that Hash House is a must-visit location on my itinerary. That said, it was no surprise that when I was offered the chance to review some of my favorite San Diego restaurants, Hash House A Go Go toped my list.

hash house a go go front

Since opening their first San Diego eatery in the heart of Hillcrest back in 2000, Hash House has maintained a priority to keep the fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, live stock, and old recipes with a twist. Literally following their slogan of ‘twisted farm food’ Hash House offers generous portions that are both a sight for hungry eyes and delicious. Here, customer cell phones are almost always out, but for taking pictures of their meals rather than to distract them from the experience. Presenting everything from The Tracker Driver Combo that feature pancakes the width of my elbow to fingertips to their drinks like The BLT Bloody Mary that’s a bacon BLT sandwich with all the fixings ready to go in and around the drink, Hash House A Go Go is truly an experience that mixes excitement and entertainment within each visit.

hash house a go go menu

With so many celebrity and customer favorites, narrowing down the menu can be a tough decision on what to choose. Luckily in our case, since Hash House provides generous portions, we let our waitress Ruth Hill bring out her top picks which surprisingly I had never tried on previous visits.

hash house a go go drinks0Asage fried chicken tower0Asage fried chicken and waffle tower

For starters, I tried the watermelon kiwi lemonade that was perfectly sweet and enjoyable to view, as there were three distinguished layers in the drink! Rachel tried the mint latte which made have been the most petite menu option, but again, was very well made featuring real mint leaves which was a delightful switch up from the local quick service coffee shops.

sage fried chicken tower0Asage fried chicken tower0Asage fried chicken and waffle tower

For our meal, Rachel and I split Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffle Tower along with their Griddled French Toast that’s dipped in banana cinnamon cream with pecan maple syrup. While Rachel chowed down on the sage fried chicken, I loved having both the waffles and griddled French toast which were some of the best of each I’ve tried anywhere.

Arriving with hungry bellies, we both left exceptionally full and only finished perhaps half of each plate. All of Hash House’s menu options are delicious and the left overs can make for a wonderful second meal long after the experience at their eatery has passed. With the portions, quality staff, and excellent food, Hash House A Go Go is a mandatory must-try restaurant when visiting San Diego.

For more information on Hash House A Go Go, including hours, menu listings and store locations, visit their website at http://www.hashhouseagogo.com/

Thank you to Hash House A Go Go for letting us review your establishment. All opinions remain my own.

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