Health Treatment Options You Can Turn To Other Than the Doctor’s Office

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When it comes to health-related matters, your doctor is often the first medical expert you turn to for assistance. From preventative measures like physicals and bloodwork to treatments of common illnesses and management of long-term conditions, your doctor is trained to provide you with the best care. Though you should always consult your doctor first, there are certain circumstances when turning to alternative care centers for more specialized treatment is necessary.

So, where do you go when you’re dealing with certain health problems but don’t feel the doctor can assist you (or the treatments you’ve tried aren’t working)? There are a number of places with health and wellness experts who use a number of practices to enhance your well-being. Below are a few examples.


You’d be surprised by the healing you can get from going to the gym. Exercise is not only idealistic for losing weight or gaining muscles, but it’s also essential for detoxing the body and improving your mind. Simply going on a regular basis can improve everything from weight troubles to feelings of depression or anxiety.

Yoga, for example, is a great solution for reducing stress, improving blood flow, decreasing anxiety, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, enhancing flexibility, as well as building strong muscles and bones. Finding the right gym and taking classes each week could provide you with more relief than simply visiting the doctor or taking medication.

At the gym, you can also find support from fitness experts like a personal trainer. As getting into an exercise routine and sticking to it is often challenging, personal trainers are there to provide motivation. You can work with the trainer on specific problem areas you’re having to reach your fitness goals.

woman in bath tub at spa

Day Spas

Who knew that pampering yourself with a day at the spa was also very therapeutic? They have health and beauty services ranging from facials and skin peels to massages and sauna treatments. Massages are beneficial for relieving tension and pain, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, and more.

Skincare services provided by day spas are also beneficial. Using high-quality, all-natural products spas can help patients who are struggling with skin conditions ranging from acne to early signs of aging.

Patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and more have benefited greatly from visiting the day spa to receive treatment. Though it can take several sessions to feel lasting results, it’s a lot less invasive than medication and other treatment options.

Substance Abuse Centers

It’s unfortunate how many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction these days. The stresses and challenges of life push many into a vicious cycle that is hard to break on your own. Turning to your primary care physician, in such a circumstance, however, isn’t going to be enough.

As detoxing is a tedious process and sobriety is a life-long challenge, it is best to visit a rehab facility where you can get specialized attention and support. There are treatment centers in California that will help you kick the habit and provide you with the tools you need to remain sober and rebuild your life. Through counseling and other therapies, you will learn how to cope and make more effective decisions going forward.

Therapy Center

Life isn’t always easy to navigate on your own. When going through especially difficult times, talk therapy has been proven to be very effective. Having a trusted third-party listen to your troubles and provide sound, unbiased, advice feels like a release. It’s a safe space to open up about your innermost thoughts without the feeling of judgment.

A therapist will use a number of techniques to help identify underlying problems. Then, using this information, they can use key concepts to assist you in thinking in a more efficient way so that you can cope and move on. Whether you’re going through a divorce, suffer from depression, recently lost your job, or are having family issues, counselors are the best medical experts to assist you in finding resolve and mental balance.

Of course, your doctor should remain your number one go-to guy when issues with your physical or mental well-being arise. Be that as it may, sometimes it’s necessary to go beyond the doctor’s office to alternative care centers to get specialized assistance with treating your condition. The above-mentioned are just a few that you or a member of your family can turn to improve their lives.