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The same camera that captures your every adventure is now working to make the world a better place. GoPro for a Cause has partnered with three incredible non-profits to give back to those in need. GoPro provides financial support as well as equipment and social channels to share inspiring stories from around the world. Check out the work they are doing with these incredible organizations, and see how you can help.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

As the leading children’s hospital for the treatment of life threatening diseases, St. Jude’s provides necessary medical care while ensuring that families don’t ever receive a bill for care, travel, housing or even food. As a young boy battling leukemia, Brennan went to St. Jude’s and his story was captured in a heartfelt song written by his father.  

When GoPro heard about Brennan’s battle, they stepped in to help promote the story.

Brennan was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008. After a failed bone marrow transplant, he and his family were told that there were no other options. He turned to St. Jude’s where he received three more transplants, and today, he is happy and healthy.

After his third transplant, his father sat down and wrote the song Possibilities. GoPro was moved by Brennan’s miraculous story as well as the beautiful song. They teamed up with Brennan’s father and musician Darius Rucker to produce the song and share this touching story.

Check out Brennan’s story and hear Possibilities.


Mauli Ola

Since 2007, this non-profit has been working with children with cystic fibrosis as a means of therapy. Surfing is a great way for the kids to get active and help relieve the symptoms of CF. The salt in the air and water help break up the congestion that builds in their lungs which leads to fewer hospital visits.  To date, Mauli Ola has helped over 1,300 children and many professional athletes have joined the cause including Sunny Garcia, Kala Alexander, Jamie O’Brien and Kelly Slater.

Watch the story of a teenage girl living with CF as she heads to Haleiwa Beach, Hawaii to spend a day surfing.  


Bicycles Against Poverty

A young man from Uganda, Muyambi, grew up riding a bike to get everywhere he needed to go. From collecting fresh water to traveling to the health center, Muyambi had to bike miles just to meet his basic needs. Those living in rural communities in Uganda face this struggle every day, walking for hours just to reach water, food, and medical care.

Eventually, Muyambi ended up studying in Pennsylvania, and he had the opportunity to apply for a grant. He used that grant to start Bicycles Against Poverty. Now, paired with a Ugandan Bicycle Company, Muyambi has lease-to-own bicycles for families all over Uganda. He has already distributed 1,000 bicycles and plans to distribute another 1,000 by the end of 2015.

Help GoPro spread the word about these incredible causes. You can also spread awareness for a non-profit close to your own heart. Submit photo and video of your cause to with ‘HERO3000’ in the title.

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  1. Kudos to GoPro for partnering with such worthy causes and helping those who are in need. Hopefully, they will be able to come up with more relevant campaigns and help more people around the globe


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