A Day Well Spent on a Horseback Tour of Kauai

CJM Stables 1

After fourty minutes of driving my GPS directed to me to turn on a dirt road, painted the infamous Hawaiian red. It was then that I realized two things. One, I was very near the coast. Two, I had surely arrived at CJM Country Stables as the wooden fence line containing grazing horses followed along the road. 

As I made my way along the winding drive I couldn’t believe it took coming to Hawaii to get me on horse back again. As an avid horse lover, I have owned and loved horses for most of my life but after the passing of my horse last year, “life” has continuously prevented me from riding. But I also realized how amazing it would be to celebrate my first time back on horseback by taking in the Kauai coastline. 

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Soon enough myself and about 10 others were watching an instructional safety video as we filled out forms detailing our horseback riding experience. There were three of us who had ridden extensively and the rest had ridden a horse once or not at all. We were split into two groups and after being assigned horses based experience compatibility, we mounted up. My guide informed me that my horse’s name was Sweety and that it was given to her out of irony. He let me stew on that one for a bit before I realized that while Sweety didn’t have a sugary disposition, and despite carrying me with a seemingly haughty disdain, she was indeed completely safe. 

We wasted no time at all hitting the trail, our guide leading the way throwing out factoids about the surrounding landscape, vegetation and the horses.  It wasn’t long until the coast line came into view with it’s rocky cliffs, soft beaches and crashing waves. Shortly thereafter we crossed over a stream leading us to an incredible view of the beach

The trail continued on to wind along the historic Maha‘ulelpu, through coastal and mountain vistas to agricultural ranch land. 

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The two hours flew by and before long the sights of corrals came back into view. Our guide had been knowledgeable, the horses were safe and the views were amazing which all summed up to a day well spent in Kauai. 

Thank you to the Kauai Visitors Bureau for hosting my stay. All opinions are my own. 

19 thoughts on “A Day Well Spent on a Horseback Tour of Kauai”

  1. I would definitely have to agree that that’s a day well spent. It’s beautiful there. If I ever find my self there I’ll definitely go horse back riding.

  2. Oh wow that looks GORGEOUS!! I have been telling my husband we need to go horseback riding! It’s so fun and relaxing, I haven’t been in years!

  3. That looks like an amazing horse ride. I have done a horse ride in Colorado but I can’t even imagine a horse ride in Hawaii.

  4. I have not been on a horse since i was a teenager. I would love to spend a afternoon enjoying a ride threw some beautiful trails.

  5. OMG! I want to visit Kauai SO bad. It is beautiful. I mean absolutely the most beautiful place ever. I love all the different terrain, and the horseback riding looked like so much fun.


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