I use magicJackGO to keep in touch while traveling abroad

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Travel journalists have the unique opportunity to spend a great deal of time outside of the continental United States. While this does something incredible to ones sense of wanderlust, the thousands of miles we spend traveling each year can present some interesting communications challenges. Keeping in touch with family is always a priority but can also be one of the costliest challenges presented with traveling abroad. Despite having a stellar phone carrier with great rates, it can still be incredibly expensive using mobile technology to keep in touch while traveling. 

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In the quest for reliable, long distance calling while traveling there has arrived a great solution – magicJackGO.  magicJack is a digital phone service that allows you to make unlimited local & long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada – all you have to do is bring along your magicJack device (or use the app on your cell phone) to make FREE calls over WiFi. No need to sign up for an international calling plan or use your cell phone minutes and have to worry about costly overages while traveling.

Screenshot of magicJack accessed via computer
Screenshot of magicJack accessed via computer

In addition to the many ways you can magicJack, (with your home landline phone, computer, tablet or mobile device), international calling is free between magicJack devices, making this an ideal Christmas gift to those who have friends and family living overseas!

magicjackgo1I have used the magicJack app for 2 years now and am always recommending it to fellow travelers, but one of the best qualities about magicJackGO is that it isn’t just reserved for calling internationally. It also offers free voicemail, free call waiting, free call forwarding, free 411, free caller ID, and no monthly bills! Plus, it now comes with a free conference call number for business calls or group calling with friends and family.
magicjackgo2Another handy feature is that with magicJack you can make your landline number ring on your mobile phone, which means you can take calls when you aren’t home. 

magicJackGO includes 1 year of FREE service, a free conference call number, and $10 in magicDollars credit which can be used for select magicJack services such as international calling to landlines and mobiles, number porting, and more. 

How do you see yourself using magicJackGO? Would you use it for traveling, taking caring of business at home, keeping in touch with family or all of the above? 


This post is written on behalf of magicJack by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

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