How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

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wedding heel clicksThe cake has been cut, the honeymoon taken (hopefully) and now you’re back home to bask in the contentment of married life. Yeah right. Unless you have magical elves working for you, you have to unpack, make changes to all of your identification, order new debit and credit cards and…. send out many, many wedding thank you cards.  

[infobox title=’Etiquette Rule:’]Send out thank you’s for gifts sent before the wedding within two weeks of arrival. Send out gifts received at/after the wedding within 4 weeks after you return from the honeymoon. [/infobox]

The task can be daunting so we have a few helpful suggestions for how to write wedding thank you cards. To begin, we recommend keeping track of each gift in a notebook as you receive or open them. Or, if you are like me and tend to lose things, an online spreadsheet works great as well. You will want to include the sender, their address and a few words to describe the item. Secondly, create a designated work area like the desk or an end table next to your favorite chair. Third, don’t try and do them all at once. Instead, opt for small batches, or better yet, write them as the gifts arrive!

Lastly, equip yourself with supplies. Now would be a great time to celebrate your wedding and purchase nice stationary – have them monogrammed with your new initials (you know, the ones you have been doodling all over the place) or custom photo cards with images from your wedding are a great way to share your day and your thanks with those who could not attend.

wedding thank you card tipsWhile both these options are popular, neither are “special” in my eyes. We tried to be anti-cookie cutter for our wedding, so why stop before the finish line? My favorite way to say Thank You for thoughtful wedding gifts, is with a thoughtful, personal card. For our wedding gift thank you’s, we decided to send a different Hallmark card each person – something that expressed our relationship in the style or wording of the card.

 Now that you’re prepared, a few tips for actually writing the notes:

  • Take the time to hand write your note along with the mailing address
  • Use Blue or Black ink only
  • It doesn’t need to be long – 4 or 5 sentences is just fine!
  • Be sure to mention your spouse “Ben and I loved…” or “Ben and I wanted to thank you” if signing on your own OR Sign as a Couple
  • If the guest sent a gift but did not attend, mention that you missed their presence.
  • If the gift was cash/gift card, mention how you will use it. 

Sample Wedding Thank You Card For Cash or Gift Cards

Dear Aunt Scarlett and Uncle Rhett,

Ben and I wanted to thank you for your generous gift. We are planning to purchase a new car and your contribution brings us one step closer to achieving that goal. We missed celebrating with you at the wedding, but can’t wait to take a drive with you sometime! 

With love and kisses,

Sample Wedding Thank You Card for A Gift 

Dear Jane and Dick,

Thank you so much for our new dinnerware! We are looking forward to sharing a home made meal with you on your next visit to Los Angeles. Hopefully this time, dinner won’t get rained out with a tropical storm like at our wedding reception! We want to thank you again for celebrating our special day with us and can’t wait to see you again soon.

Ben and Jeana

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  1. Great tips Jeana! These are really helpful in personalizing thank you cards for lovely guests. I will utilize them in my cards. Thank you so much for sharing here!


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