Are Eye Creams Worth A Try?

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I remember growing up and being so excited for summer vacation, as it allowed me two whole months to work on my tan. Being young and having absolutely no responsibilities besides keeping my room clean, I remember hitting the beach with my girlfriends where we would lay out all day, multiple times a week. It felt rewarding at the time, but now I’m realizing that I’m paying for the skin damage I put my body through in my younger years with wrinkles and fine lines. 

I may not have done enough preventative measures growing up, but now that I’m older and realizing the importance of taking care of my skin, I’m certainly doing so now. One of the most important ways to keep my skin healthy and well-taken care of is through regular use of eye cream. Eye creams, when used in addition to regular applications of sunscreen, claim to reduce or even erase the signs of aging by working to ‘correct’ fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

it works lip and eye

It’s a tall order with a lot of promise, but in trying out eye creams myself, I can personally contest that depending on what brand you use, and how regularly you use the product, they truly hold the potential of being a little miracle that can enhance the overall appearance of your face, and provide more youthful look.

One such eye cream that is a must-have in my beauty routine at the moment is It Works! Lip and Eye moisturizing cream gel. Unlike some brands that specifically target just under the eyes, this product by It Works! targets both lips and eyes, to lessen the look of fine lines, wrinkles, bags, and puffiness, by creating a tensor effect to give the delicate skin around your lips and eyes a youthful lift while tightening and firming the skin

While some eye creams work instantaneously by brightening the under-eye area so long as they are on the skin, It Works! goes to work immediately and continues to improve the appearance of your skin in time. In having persistence, It Works! claims to slowly help plump up the hollowness of the eyes and reduce the appearance of smile lines for longer-lasting results. Using just a dap once or twice daily, either first thing when you wake up or before bed, the natural ingredients in this product can go to work and do wonders on your skin.

One ingredient that all shoppers should keep an eye out for in an eye cream is caffeine, as it helps constrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness, and I love that It Works! uses Camellia Sinensis for its form of caffeine, as it’s a type of green tea instead of coffee base. Likewise, having moisturizing botanicals like aloe and jojoba help to hydrate and improve the look of your skin on a deeper level, that allow consumers to smile away the laugh lines! 

it works eye cream

While not listed as part of the process, I refrigerate my It Works! Eye & Lip cream as some studies show that cold temperatures can be effective in treating puffiness, and given the size of the cream, it stores easily and serves as a quick reminder to focus on myself and apply my Lip & Eye product while I’m preparing my breakfast or dessert. I’ve found that keeping this item away from the hordes of lotions in my other drawers helps this product to not get lost, and keeps me on track for healthier skin.

With only a dab needed twice daily, I’m nowhere near completing this product for a full-review, but I can say that I fully enjoy the instant ‘lift’ this It Works! product provides me, and that the results are looking promising. For a blogger who stares at the computer screen a great majority of my day, I love that It Works! Lip & Eye moisturizing cream gel allows me to look awake, alert and youthful throughout even my busiest days. 

For more information on It Works! Lip & Eye and to test their moisturizing cream gel yourself, you can find their products here. We also review the It Works! Body Wrap here.

It Works! provided me with a sample of their Lip & Eye cream for this review. All opinions remain my own.

20 thoughts on “Are Eye Creams Worth A Try?”

  1. A lip and eye product?? How interest I like how you said you like to cool it seems like it would be more effective that way and feel good!

  2. I never trust stuff I only hear about in ads so its good to hear someone’s real experience with it! I like your tip of refrigerating it too, that’s a good idea!

  3. Ohhh never heard of Works products but I am for sure going to try these out. I get pimples very easily so always looking something that will work well on my sensitive skin!


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