Ice BlackBox: The app that could save your life

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At twenty one, I was adventurous and hungry for life. I took every opportunity to travel, and I threw myself at the world. I was also very naïve and unprepared for what the world might throw at me. In the summer of 2009, I traveled through India eager to experience a new culture and a whole new world. During my stay, I was accompanied by one other person, but we often split up and explored on our own.


On one hot afternoon, I decided to do a little shopping on my own, and I stopped to buy a pair of beautiful gold sandals that had caught my eye. I sat patiently in the crowded store as the salesman brought me a pair in my size. He helped me slide it on my foot, and as I admired the sandal, I watched anxiously as I saw the man’s hand slide from my ankle to my calf. My stomach started to flutter, and I tried to stay calm assuming I was misreading the situation. Then, I watched in horror as his hand moved up my thigh. My heart jumped in my throat, and I froze. When he tried to put his hand under the fabric of my skirt, my senses finally came back to me. I knocked his hand away and stood up trying to get away from him. My whole body began to shake with anger and embarrassment.

I was so stunned that someone would try to do something like that in the middle of a busy store, that I didn’t even know what to do. Part of me didn’t want to make a scene, and another part of me wanted to scream and demand that he be taken away. I went back to my hotel and stayed the rest of the day feeling so naïve and helpless. It was the first time I realized how vulnerable I really was as a woman traveling alone. After that incident, I have become much more aware of my surroundings and keeping myself safe not only when I am traveling alone, but even in every day life. We can become so comfortable in our familiar routines that we stop paying attention to potential dangers. If, like me, you are a woman that travels alone or even if you just find yourself concerned about your general safety, you need the ICE BlackBox App

What is the ICE BlackBox app?

This App essentially turns your phone into a surveillance camera that automatically records your surroundings and uploads it to a server which means the video cannot be deleted, even if your device is destroyed or lost. The video and your GPS location can be sent to a list of emergency contacts stored in the app alerting family, friends, and even law enforcement that you are in danger. ICE BlackBox makes it easier to alert others if you are in an emergency, and it records evidence of the incident which cannot be deleted or destroyed. 


How it Works 

If you observe strange behavior or feel as if you are in danger, simply open the App and large control buttons will appear on your phone to record and send. Simply click the record button to capture a suspicious car, someone following you, or anything that may be a potential danger. The video is automatically uploaded to a server and it cannot be destroyed even if the phone is destroyed. If the situation escalates you can easily notify law enforcement and send your video clip along with your GPS location. The recording and the fact that it cannot be destroyed may deter a criminal from further action, and if not, you are only a click away from help with recorded evidence of the incident. 



  • Being recorded may deter criminals
  • The large record button insures easy recording access and sending capabilities 
  • Video, audio, and location are sent to a secure cloud
  • Recordings usually show up in 30 seconds
  • Share your video with neighbors or your community to alert others to suspicious behavior
  • Currently developing NightLite Program to help aid specifically in domestic incidents and restraining orders
  • Other uses include recording/reporting animal abuse and documenting bullying.

It should not be fear that dictates our lives. Keep yourself safe with the Ice BlackBox App and keep conquering new horizons with peace of mind. 

30 thoughts on “Ice BlackBox: The app that could save your life”

  1. From the CEO of ICE BlackBox,
    Thank you all for the amazing comments. We are really trying to get the word out to the world. We’re looking to help everyone of all nations use this app for free to protect lives and to empower people to use technology to change vulnerability into accountability. We love to see stories like this and even better to see the amazing comments.
    We are just about to launch the Animal Services Portal in San Diego soon. This app will be protecting animals from abuse in the 6th largest county in the US.

    Thank you and please spread the word to places such as Europe where there is a major need for accountability and protection. Especially, in those countries like Germany and Switzerland where young women are being raped in disturbing numbers.

  2. ICE BlackBox sounds like a wonderful app which could be a great resource when you are travelling alone or staying alone. I am sure this could be so helpful to alert your loved ones or neighbors & the best thing I love is that your video is safe even when the mobile is destroyed.

  3. Awesome app! I saw a similar app from a movie. It automatically tags the uploader/recorder’s friends alerting them of their status or post.

  4. This app sounds like a necessity on all smart phones. I hate the thought of having to use it, but wow I could imagine it could be a life saver.


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