4 Reasons You Might Ditch Your iPhone for the Galaxy S4

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Being an iGirl (if that term hasn’t been used yet, I’m claiming it right now), my life is completely embedded in all things Mac. From the Macbook Pro to iPhone to every generation iPad, our house is a veritable Apple product hoarding facility. But also being a lifelong gadget geek, I love ALL things tech and always have to get my hands on the new device. I bought and played with the very first device to offer the Android platform and Windows phone platform way back when. To be honest with you, I was an Android girl far before I became an iGirl.

Soooooo….when I was recently given a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4 from a recent Verizon #VZWBuzz Ambassador event I attended, I literally squealed out loud in delight at dinner. We ALL did. I was excited not only because I knew that the Android platform and apps had come a long way since I last had a device, but also because it was a Samsung so I *knew* it would have some pretty state of the art features. I immediately started playing and exploring the features.

It didn’t disappoint.

Here are my top 4 Reasons You Might Ditch Your iPhone for the Galaxy S4

1. This may be the closest you ever get to performing Jedi Mind Tricks

From the “are your eyeballs looking at me” detection to the no-touch air gestures, the Galaxy S4’s “cool” factor is over the top. You can scroll through pictures, change your music, move calendar events, accept incoming calls and more. You can scroll down internet pages with your eye/head movement and videos will automatically pause when you look away!

samsung galaxy s4 air browse features 

2. You may never have to ask someone to snap your picture for you again

Ok. So maybe you will. But the picture-in-picture dual shot feature is pretty darn useful for all those times you wished you could be in the picture too. Or for just having fun with your kids.

samsung galaxy s4 dual shot

3. No longer be hindered by your short arms

You know what I’m talking about. I’m not the only one with short arms, right? You’re trying to take a selfie with your bestie and you just can’t seem to be able to hold the camera far enough out AND press the button without getting your arm in the shot or dropping the phone. You can ask the Galaxy S4 to snap a picture with your voice (amongst other things). Yep just set up your perfect shot and say “cheese”.

samsung galaxy s4 voice control

4. Run-by photo bomber? No problem!

While I’m impressed by the long list of features the native camera app offers, my favorite is the Eraser setting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lined up the perfect shot only to have someones arm or butt all of a sudden ruin it. Basically this setting takes a series of photos in succession and then automatically removes a moving object from your final shot. See how my cute photo bomber is automatically highlighted and removed from the final shot below? Pretty cool, right?

samsung galaxy s4 eraser feature

samsung galaxy s4 eraser feature

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to showcase the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the next couple months!

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