Jungle Themed Baby Nursery Makeover: Going Wild in a Small Space

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When we first bought our home in Feb 2010, it was a tiny, very old little cottage with no character. Ben took on the huge project of transforming and remodeling our home (by himself, no less!) and while I am perfectly capable, I never swung a single hammer or sawed a piece of lumber.

Thats boy stuff.

We had just had our first child, so my world revolved 100% around my little Booger Bean, Monkey Butt, Hamster Head, Buddy Bear of a little man 5 month old Whistler. As such, I spent all my time “on the house” on his nursery (of course!!).

Now by “nursery”, I actually mean extra room. And by extra room, I actually mean the room they used to use as a closet. 6 feet by 8 feet. That’s it. Luckily babies really don’t need that big of a room so, it works.


I’m a Libra and supposedly artsy. Now, I’m not sure I’d call myself an “artist”, but I’m definitely crafty. If I get it in my head to do or make something, I can usually figure it out and it almost always turns out great. I had originally started out just wanting a pleasant, feel good color for his room…some sort of green.

Then I decided I wanted to paint the ceilings baby blue and with some fun clouds. Well, you know that if there are going to be clouds on the ceiling, then of course there has to be a very special ceiling light fixture…like a sun. (Never mind that I can’t find one. That’s ok – I’ll just paint one.) Well, if I’m going to paint the sun, then maybe I’ll paint some fun hills on the walls.

Oh heck – go big or go home, right? I ended up deciding to go full board Jungle theme and completely paint every wall in his room by hand with cute, fun, bright animals … and at least one monkey. (see how I get myself in trouble?)

So now I have this HUGE project because, of course, I can’t take the easy route and buy pre-made stickers or whatnot.  I have to hand draw and hand paint everything – as life sized as possible. Only the best for my little meat nugget, right? So this is what I ended up doing. The characters are based on the Fisher Price Rainforest friends.

I’d LOVE to hear what you think!!!

This is how I transfer the images onto the wall for painting. First, I hand draw the image onto paper and then trace the picture using carbon paper onto the walls. Then, I paint them in using acrylics. (I’VE NEVER WORKED WITH ACRYLIC PAINT BEFORE, by the way :) Heck, I’ve never even painted anything at all before this!)


Install the wood flooring, move in the baby furniture and we now have a Jungle Themed Baby Nursery – hand painted with love by Mom :)


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