When your son asks you for a Jungle Themed Bedroom

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When we bought our first home, my husband spent a full year renovating and remodeling our fixer upper. When he finished it was the perfect little beach cottage waiting for our personal touches. As a new mom, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Whistler’s room and make it his own. I spent hours drawing and then hand painting the cutest jungle theme complete with Monkeys, Elephants and even a pond.

As most families do, we ended up outgrowing our first home quickly. It didn’t help that we were ahead of the trend and had a legitimate “tiny home” at just under 500 square feet. We recently bought a new, bigger house just a few blocks away, but having spent all our extra money on going bigger and better, poor Whistler was still stuck with a lot of the furniture from the old house, furniture we had doctored to fit his tiny 6×8 room.


So how many 6 year olds do you know still sleep on their crib mattress? His tiny furniture, now occupying a giant space, complete with a bookshelf bursting at the seems, it was beginning to be painfully obvious that it was time for some changes. The only problem? Finding the time and the motivation. Then I received the perfect excuse with the delivery of Whistler’s new Dream Bed.

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When you get a new, bigger “big boy” mattress, you also need a new, bigger bed. And if you’re getting a new bed you might as well just redo the whole room right? Go big or go home, as I always say! Armed with this design plan Whistler had drawn up as a wish list for his new room a few months ago, plus one “quick” trip to Ikea later, I began tearing apart Whistler’s hodgepodge of a room at the perfectly reasonable hour of 9pm. Everyone starts their projects in the middle of the night right? Once our living was a sufficient disaster filled with the contents of one almost 6 year old’s life collection of stuff and Whistler’s room was completely bare, I got to work setting up his new bed frame.

Then it was onto the bookshelf and from there things started falling into place as I slowly began migrating his possessions back into their new places in the bedroom. Meanwhile, his new Dream Bed was setting itself up. All I had to do was pull it out of the box, snip open the plastic wrapping and watch it unroll and expand on its own – by far the easiest part of this project. By 3am I was completely exhausted and decided to give the new bed a try. As I sunk down just enough to feel cradled with support in all the right places, my aching body screamed this was the most comfortable I had ever been. Seeing as we had just bought ourselves a very expensive King sized mattress a few months ago, I was convinced this was just exhaustion speaking. But I have to admit, when I tried it out again the next day, bright eyed and bushy tailed – I literally thought to myself, “Whistler’s bed is WAY nicer than ours”.

Even though I still have some more customization to add, at least now Whistler’s room is the perfect place for our Kindergartner, goodbye crib mattress! Not only is his room an expression of him, my little animal lover, but it’s also a place he can get a good nights rest – so important for young growing bodies and spongey minds. Ever since he was a baby, he has always been a sweaty little guy at night which is why we like the cooling technology found in the Cool Dream bed. The cool gel helps disperse body heat away from his body to create a cooler sleeping surface. The bed itself is self-ventilating allowing air to travel through the material and help regulate his body temperature.

Buy a Dream. Give a Dream.

Aside from the cooling technology, the Dream Bed is made of memory foam technology that molds to his growing body and relieves pressure points. But perhaps our favorite feature of the Dream Bed is what it does for others. For every Dream Bed purchased, one is given to a child or family in need! 


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“On August 19, 2015 we traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to give back to the community and give dreams at Sharing and Caring Hands/Mary Jo Copeland Shelter and Simpson Housing Services. Simpson Housing Services has become a leading nonprofit providing assistance to people experiencing homelessness in the Minneapolis area for over 30 years. Our team donated over 50 mattress sets and helped make sandwiches for residents afterward. Sharing and Caring Hands provides a host of services that include food, clothing, shelter, transportation assistance, medical and dental help and much more to over 20,000 people in need. We donated 50 mattresses to new rooms in the shelter and also cleaned counters, bathrooms and more!  Better sleep health means bigger dreams for everyone!” – Dream Bed Team

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™.

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  1. Wow what an inspiring bedroom. I am currently re-doing my little ones bedroom he wanted a space themed bedroom, mainly because he wanted a sky ceiling. I must say I am not as creative as these parents, but I did pick up some great ideas and found a really cool themed kids bed.


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