Surrendering Your Phone is Safe with Kids Corner Windows Phone

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Surrendering Your Phone is Safe with Kids Corner Windows Phone

Kids do the darndest things! Let them have your cell phone to play a game, or when they swipe your cell phone without permission, and anything is possible! They may call your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, place an International call, text random characters to a stranger, or make purchases that you don’t need and definitely can’t afford.

My daughter once downloaded a Ludacris album to my husband’s cell phone. When he noticed the charge on our bill, I couldn’t stop laughing, when he asked, “Who is Ludacris? Babe, did you download a virus to my phone?”

He didn’t really find the humor in it, when I explained that apparently our daughter had downloaded it while playing with “Daddy’s phone.” But when he called Verizon to see if he could get the charges adjusted, I was hysterical again. You see my husband is a country music fan through and through and thinks FloRida is a roller coaster. So they were explaining to him that it was a music download and he was telling them if its not George Strait, Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood, then  he’d never heard of them and it must be a mistake. I was almost in tears, I was laughing so hard. 

Since then, and after my son dropped my cell phone and the screen shattered, we’ve really tried to discourage the kids from using our phones. (translation we hide our phones from the kids) There are a few problems with that approach:

  1. my kids can find anything I hide, even when I can’t;
  2. they are less familiar with technology than other kids their age;
  3. they’re missing out on educational apps that also provide a great distraction during long waits at the doctor’s office or long road trips.

Surrendering Your Phone is Safe with Kids Corner Windows Phone

When I discovered my new Windows Phone 8X by HTC has a space just for kids known asKids Corner, I was “Happy, Happy Happy.” Other than worrying about my son launching my phone across the room, I can relax knowing they won’t be buying or accessing anything inappropriate.  My 2.5 year old son enjoys watching “Thomas” and Mickey Mouse Videos. My daughter is all about the games and spends time playing First Words and Kids Memory Match.

Kids Corner

I can sit back and relax while the kids play, knowing they can’t change my settings, make any calls, send a text, or buy anything!


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