LifeProof NUUD is The Ultimate In iPhone Protection

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LifeProof NUUD

By now you have probably heard of my long list of, what we’re going to call, technological failures. Through no fault of my own (total lie) I have obliterated more costly smartphones than I care to think about. With each new phone I purchase a more protective case that I prove completely faulty. When the gorgeous new iPhone 5 made it’s debut I immediately noticed that it seemed more durable than it’s previous glass counterpart. But I still wasn’t taking any chances. I went for maximum protection with a snow proof, dirt proof, water proof, drop proof and LifeProof NUUD Case.

At first I just felt secure knowing that my phone would be protected against every day life. After a few drops and drips I felt the case had already paid for itself. But I was still treating it like a baby. I mean it was a *NEW* phone. I didn’t really want to put it to the test.

But then the newness wore off and I fell back into old habits. I often use my phone as a recipe book. While cooking I’m constantly washing/drying my hands in between steps so that it’s safe to touch my phone. Or worse, driving Jake UP. THE. WALL. calling him in to the kitchen every five minutes to look at my phone for me.

LifeProof NUUD
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Luckily for him he was furthermore deemed unnecessary as I attempted to make Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes, thanks to the LifeProof NUUD. It protected our $500+ iPhone against my flour-y hands like a champ. I even cracked an egg on it for no other reason than I could.. and perhaps a cheap thrill to freak out Jake. (Maybe next time he will think twice about whining, eh?LifeProof NUUD

But in all seriousness LifeProof does an excellent job of protecting my phone from well, Life. When I first started using the case I had some complaints with call quality – it was sounding a little muffled on the other end – but after watching this handy YouTube video my problem was solved and call quality is excellent.

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  1. I always keep my cell in a case and haven’t broken it yet, lol. It’s great they have a youtube video to help figure things out. You can’t always depend on customer service so I try to figure things out on my own. This looks pretty easy to use.


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