Never Ask “Who Left the Lights” On Again

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I feel like a nagging housewife every time those words come out of my mouth. “Who left the lights on?”.

Ok. Why lie. They actually never come out of *my* mouth. But I sure do HEAR them often enough as Ben is walking back in from the shed. I usually just shrug my shoulders, but lately if my 3 year old son is anywhere near, I’ll just point to him. (Poor kid, he can’t even SEE the light switch in our makeshift laundry room, much less reach it).

Lutron-survey-infographic FNL (2)

Who knew that having a 500 sq ft home meant having the washer and dryer in the back of the garage/shed thing we built next to our home? Who knew that opening the door far enough to actually stand IN the always dark shed to do laundry would never happen due to the stroller, shop vac or endless bags of golf clubs obstructing my way? Who knew I’d have to brave the creepy crawlies and spider webs to turn on the lights? Who knew possums and skunks also considered a house 6 blocks from the beach in beautiful southern California prime real estate? We catch one or the other once a week in our yard and every time I go out to do laundry, I’m half scared I will turn on the light to be greeted by a skunk.

When the Mom Central email came in asking if I wanted to receive a Lutron Maestro® Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch, I immediately *knew* it would solve my laundry room woes. How did I know? Well this nifty light switch automatically turns the lights on when you enter the room and off when you leave! It even takes daylight into account and is smart enough to know *when* the lights need to be on too. Hallelujah!

The man of the house was able to replace our existing switch with the Lutron Maestro® Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch in just under 8 minutes. Below is an overview of just how quick and easy it is to install.

And while the wooden wall studs hardly do the beautiful Lutron plate and switch design justice, all I see is a thing of pure beauty. This easily wins “The Most Useful” of our many DIY home projects we’ve completed and I’m happy to also get a certain nagging house-husband off my back.

lutron occupancy sensor switch

Now through Oct. 31, 2013 (subject to change), get 25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches on PLUS one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item. Use Promo Code wholeftthelightson at checkout.


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