Tuscan Turkey Bake Recipe

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Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means friends, family, laughs and BBQs ’round these parts. While we are family of grilling fools, sadly, our well-loved and overused BBQ is on it’s last legs. With only 2 of the 3 burners still functioning, the available cooking space has diminished to barely enough for a hungry family of 3. Keeping in mind that we won’t be getting a new grill until our new outdoor kitchen is built, I figured I would think out of the box (and into the oven!) for my contribution to the Memorial Day feast this year with a unique turkey recipe.

mediterranean turkey bake recipe 1

With a trip planned to Italy in June, my tastebuds have already begun salivating over the inevitable delicious but carb laden feasts. These days, I subconsciously gravitate towards wine, cheese, and olives at the grocery store. When given the opportunity to create a recipe for Honeysuckle White turkey, I knew it just had to be mediterranean inspired and I also wanted the dish to be full of fresh herbs and vegetables. 

So there you have it, how my atypical Memorial Day recipe came to be. Who wants to be ordinary or predictable, anyway? 

mediterranean turkey recipe

[yumprint-recipe id=’29’]So what do you think? Would you serve this dish to your family? My trial run got requests for 2nds and 3rds, so I’m confident your family will love it too!

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