A Learning App For Kids Featuring Their Favorite Characters

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In our quest to make learning enjoyable and fun, my husband and I have forked over quite a bit of money for a variety of apps in the app store. Some were well worth the money, other apps didn’t stay on the iPad for more than a week. When scouring the literally thousands of apps available on the market, I tend to look at a few general criteria.

  • The first obviously being is it educational?
  • Will this actually teach my child something or does it just seem like it will?
  • Just as importantly, is it an app that is engaging, kid-friendly and colorful?

Mickeys Math World1

Mickeys Math World is a the first in the lineup of new Disney learning app for kids offered by Disney Imagicademy. This first app allows children to learn areas of math including sorting, counting and arithmetics under the guise of fun. Kids will love that they can join Mickey and the Gang as their rocket ship lands on Mickeys Math World where they can explore five new ‘lands:’

  • Mickey’s Super Rocket Shapes
  • Donald’s Number Launcher
  • Minnie’s Robot Count Along
  • Daisy’s Bedtime Countdown
  • Goofy’s Silly Sorting

My four year old jumped right into exploring the app. Right away we found something incredibly interesting. There doesn’t seem to be a winning or losing aspect to this app. Nor is there a big emphasis on leveling up and “pins” (or achievements) are given fairly freely. In other words, the app is designed to be highly encouraging and positively motivating.

Another feature of the app is that most items are customizable. There is something about being able to personalize objects that kids just love. My daughter went nuts over this Minnie Mouse inspired sand pit in Minnie’s Robot Count Along. The app also offers a surprising amount of free play within each world. There is more than one way to solve most problems and kids have quite a bit of freedom to do with their characters what they will. 

Parents will appreciate that the app comes paired with it’s own Disney Imagicademy Parents app that will allow them to track their child’s progress and even offer their kids feedback by way of virtual high fives! Together, the two apps will open up unique learning experiences for children and adults alike. 

Disney Imagicademy works with platforms on iOS 6.0 or later and is free in the app store with in-app purchases available. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. What a fun app! I love that it has recognizable characters that encourage kids to really get engaged in the game all while learning at the same time!


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