5 Minute Mini S’Mores Pies Recipe

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This seriously could not be easier. You can make this mini smore pie recipe in about 5 minutes. Even the kids can help and there is virtually no mess to clean up!

A few summers ago we took our first “camping” trip as a family by driving an RV 2,000 miles from Indiana to Utah. Whistler had never been real camping at the time, but from what he’s seen in stories and shows, he already knew the best part is the inevitable gathering around a campfire to cook up some S’Mores.

Personally, I’ve never been a real fan of the dessert myself. (I’m actually not a fan of eating desserts in general, but I sure do love to make them for others!) Even though S’Mores aren’t really my “thing”, I do enjoy what they come with –  sitting around a warm campfire laughing with friends as the children play and giggle.

With the warmer weather coming around and keeping to our “safer at home” routine, we are starting to miss our friends and strangely enough, I’m actually craving S’Mores.

What I’m not missing is the smoke, roasting time, messy fingers or clean up. So what if you could have all the taste in a quick and easy 5-minute treat? 


Your favorite Chocolate Pudding cups
Mini graham cracker crusts
Graham cracker, crumbled
Mini marshmallows


This seriously could not be easier. Pull back the lid to pudding cups, spoon into the crust, sprinkle with graham crackers and marshmallows. The end.

NOTE: It wasn’t until after we gobbled these down that I realized if you really love and want the roasted marshmallow flavor, you could throw these under the broiler for a few minutes!

mini smores pie recipe

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