Interior Design Updates to Consider When Selling Your House

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Part of selling a home (and getting the best value for it) is appealing to the interests of your target buyers. Most buyers are on the market looking for a place to call home. As the current owner, it’s your job to show them why your property should be the one they select. Beyond offering a competitive price, you must tap into their vision of what a home looks like. That’s where interior design comes in. 

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Why Interior Design Matters

Effective marketing is necessary to get your house sold. When buyers sort through available listings, your property has to stand out from the crowd. While a good description goes a long way, bringing in the traffic boils down to aesthetic appeal. When you take the time to update the interior design and appliances in your home, it draws the attention of interested parties which increases in-person viewings and the potential to generate more leads. 

When buyers come to visit the property, seeing updated interior design also allows them to visualize themselves and their loved ones living there. It highlights some of the property’s best features and provides insight on the functionality and comfort of a space which is why property staging is also a huge business. A new sofa and pretty cookware from MadeIn can really make the home’s main rooms pop. 

Interior Design Ideas Buyers Love

Though it does require an additional investment, updating the interior design of a property proves to increase your chances of selling. If done effectively, it can also increase the overall property value. If you’re interested in getting the best value for your property, here are some design elements that buyers love:

Colored Walls

Think past white walls when updating interior design in the home and consider adding some color. While you don’t want to go overboard with vibrant colors that are hard to match or cover, going with some trendy home wall colors can appeal to buyers.

Light gray walls, for example, are very popular for modern homes. It gives the walls some color that is still light enough to make the place feel spacious. Gray also pairs well with just about any color. If you’re going for a homier vibe, you might consider opting for light tans for the walls for the same effect. 

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights not only help to accent aesthetic features in a particular room, but they’re a great way to update the home’s interior design. With a can light conversion kit, you can turn dull recessed lights into gorgeous hanging pendant lights. They look especially attractive in kitchens hovering over a breakfast bar or island. 

Hardwood Floors

For most people, carpets are a pain. They have to be cleaned regularly, they trap a lot of dust and debris, and, in some cases, it makes a place look more outdated. At the very least, consider installing hardwood flooring downstairs. Remember to keep the interior design in mind when choosing the floor color. Select something that flows well with the wall colors and is neutral enough to go with any decor the buyer might have in mind.

If you can’t afford hardwood floors, there are other affordable options including vinyl plank flooring, wood-looking tiles, laminate, bamboo, and cork flooring. You can find each of these floor types in high quality and install them yourself. Like hardwood floors, these are all easier to maintain and more aesthetically appealing than carpet.

Kitchen Cabinets

When selecting a house to buy, the kitchen remains one of the most important rooms. For that reason, it is imperative to invest a little money in updating it with things like a new fridge or even a fresh butcher block from Made In Cookware.

If you’ve taken the suggestions above and updated the wall color, lighting, flooring, appliances, and the final touch would be to update the cabinets. You can find some very affordable kitchen cabinet sets and have them installed professionally.  

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If you can’t afford that, however, you can update your existing cabinets. A little sandpaper, a fresh coat of paint (or wood finish), and new handles and knobs can make your kitchen cabinets look like new. You can even install a few glass doors and shelves to give it a more modern appeal. 

If you want to attract buyers to your property and increase your chances of making a sell, it is essential to focus on the aesthetics. Sure, there are a lot of factors that prompt a buyer to visit a property, but visuals are at the top of that list. Properties that are sold successfully are often those that invested in updating the interior design. By making simple changes such as those described above you can paint a picture of a home that buyers can’t help but want.  

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