3 Confessions of a New (Again) Mom of Two

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My son. He has the most heart warming smile and if his giggle could be bottled, it would sell for millions. My daughter has the kindest most beautiful soul. She is her brother’s biggest fan, although I think the feeling is mutual. She loves to help take care of him and he has no idea how lucky he is to have such a wonderful champion. They are everything that is good in the world, but bless their hearts they are work. I did not realize how much work adding a second child would be. I am outnumbered, outmanned and out energized. Which brings me to my first confession.

mom confessions

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Confession #1: Sometimes I sneak away to Target. Just for fun. 

Target is my happy place. Let’s just start with the snacks, okay? Where else can I leisurely stroll through houseware aisles pretending to be an interior designer while sipping a fountain soda and munching on Popcorn. (Bonus, when I do have to take the kids? Boom, instant bribery.) It’s where I build my supply of pretty stationery and mugs with quirky phrases. It’s where I pace the baby aisle, neck craning this way and that checking out the baby products and preparing myself for the next phase of motherhood.

waterwipes mom confessions

Since we reached the 6-month mark it seems like we have entered a whole new phase between sitting up on his own and learning to play with ‘big kid’ toys to eating foods and learning to use a sippy cup. Just a few months ago we were agonizing over bottles. Now it’s baby food processors and jars of fruit, high chairs, and toys that stimulate his mind (and let me get a few minutes rest.) Speaking of baby food, ya’ll I forgot how MESSY it is.

mom confessions

Confession #2: I am a ‘lazy’ efficient mom.

When my daughter first started eating baby food, I would give it to her in the morning and then follow it up with a morning bath. With my son? I wipe him down with WaterWipes. Admittedly, I used to use another brand because “that’s the way I’ve always done it” but he kept getting soap suds up his nose and in his mouth (ew). It got to the point where he started dodge and weave maneuvers as soon as I pulled out the baby wipes. 

mom confessions

But WaterWipes are a chemical free baby wipe that contains only two ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. Plus, they smell fantastic. So he no longer is getting soap suds to ruin the taste of his delicious lunch. 

Confession #3: I never actually stopped buying baby wipes. 

There is a pretty big gap between my two kids, five and a half years to be exact. So you would think once I left the diaper stage, my wipe supply would have dwindled – but it didn’t. I kept them stashed in my day bag, in our vehicles and attached to the stroller.
mom confessions
I use them for everything from sticky faces to sweaty pits (confession #4?) and I even clean my car with them. I’m convinced my kids are going to be in college and I’ll still be buying wipes…and sneaking off to Target for a little “me” time. 


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