Skinny Chinese Orange Chicken Recipe

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There are some things that I love like the comfort of ordering takeout after a day spent running errands, but there are things that I love even more, like making said takeout food at home (hint: it tastes better). So after experimenting a bit in our kitchen, I came out with this non breaded Chinese Orange Chicken recipe to beat all the Chinese Orange Chickens.

skinny non breaded Chinese Orange Chicken recipe

My friends, this tastes better than the takeout you know and love yes this is good, yes this is easy to make, and yes this is something you’ll find yourself craving day in and day out.

SKINNY chinese orange chicken recipeActually, this is one of those recipes that has become a hit around here, we have made it around 3 times just this past week, and everyone has been asking for it again and again. I think we can pretty much agree that a recipe is good when you find yourself making it more than 2 times during the same week.

For me, all the secret of this Chinese Orange Chicken is in the seasoning. You have the soy sauce, and the ginger, and the garlic and the orange juice. All mixed together to coat the chicken and infuse it with a ton of flavor.

While I prefer to coat the chicken with all the orange sauce after it’s cooked since it’s faster that way, and I’m all about quick weeknight dinner recipes, if you find yourself with extra time on your hands you could also marinate the chicken in the sauce overnight and then cook it all together in a saucepan. The result is just as delicious, but the flavor is a bit different (so this might be an interesting variation to try).

After it’s done I serve it in big bowls with some rice (or quinoa) and red peppers, but it’s also delicious as a salad mix.

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