Mombo: The Best Baby Products Are Versatile

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Since the birth of my daughter three years ago I’ve had an agenda to get nearly every baby product made to include a vibration feature. I wanted it in bouncer seats, swings, cradles, nursing pillows – you name it. There is something about vibrations that help soothe babies to sleep or ease restless bellies. I always wondered why the feature wasn’t included in everything? Thus on every product review of every baby item purchased I have included that one request. I can’t say if Mombo included this feature on their new mombo nursing pillow because of my campaigning (although probably not), but regardless it’s genius.

mombo nursing pillow review.

Not only did they put the vibrator in the Mombo but they put it in the perfect position and it can easily be taken out or shut off without disturbing the baby. You have no idea how much I appreciate it when a company takes the time to analyze a product from a mom’s point of view. But the vibrating feature isn’t the only thing that is spot on. The Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe features two-sided design with a firm, supportive side and an extra cozy, soft side. Not to mention it’s adorable and built to last through multiple kids.

Even though it’s a great nursing pillow, Ava and I use the it for so much more. With it’s soft design and fun taggies it’s the perfect tummy time aid. Unlike laying flat on the floor, when Ava lifts her head she is able to actually look around. Plus, she has even started to reach for the colorful taggies.

Before the Mombo, anytime Maddilyn wanted to help feed Ava she had to sit on my lap and we would hold Ava together. With the Mombo I can place it around Maddilyn allowing her to feed Ava “all by herself.” While it’s the perfect nursing pillow, like most great baby products it’s versatile. The Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe in Taggies Fashion Monkeys is truly one of a kind and so essential we bring it with us everywhere.

Mombo products are available at Babies R Us and I recommend them for your next baby. They make the perfect shower gift too.

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  1. a very close family friend, after trying for a long time, is having a baby, this would be a present for her.


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